Golden Armor Assist Worth It?

I’ve done this many times but it’s just too risky! Rush down characters tend to advance toward him too quickly and leave very little space for the transformation. If I did transform, I’d have to REALLY hop and juke my way into clearing so I could set up a clean tagout. It’s too risky. Arthur’s assist without Golden Armor is still great.

What I do is, I try to maintain a lead against my opponent, THEN sub in Arthur as a keep away. By now, I should have enough hyper combo to turn him into Golden Armor and play “catch me if you can” (sort of, I do like to combo as well). But if he’s close to dying, I ALWAYS sub him out into 3rd position. He’s best as the last team member. So, if my other two teammates are dead, I hopefully have x factor ready while he’s in Golden Armor state with some HC guage to really get at my opponent.

To add to pinchi, For the Princess into an X factor lv 3 is brutal. Arthur is 100% an anchor character.

If the enemy team will have Doom plasma beam as their assist, starting with Arthur on point and going gold armor then hardtag with the last character, sounds like the right thing to do.

Gold assist is matchup dependent; when you need to make sure that your projectile assist will clear the screen and win all durability wars, it’s useful. It’s also nice if you need a piercing projectile to punish assists like hidden missiles or drones when their point is out front blocking/canceling normal daggers.

Debating gold armor as anchor is silly; it’s a huge boost. Since gold armor and XF3 have almost exactly the same duration, if your gold armor pops and you haven’t won yet, you probably have a low chance of winning anyway.

As far as going back to silver armor after pop (as anchor), it kind of depends. It’s true that naked or silver Arthur will both be killed on a clean hit, but silver has a better chance at surviving a raw random super (which is the primary threat to Arthur in most 1-on-1 matchups). The more life I have, the more likely I am to power up to silver.

Toss a gold fire bottle or axe, then hard tag.

Agreed, cover it with something. Don’t just quickly tag out, they’ll be waiting for that.

Arthur has the potential to do well on point also. His zoning/keepaway is very effective, and he has a fair bit of tricks for teleporters & when opponents get close.

<—wonders if he is the only one “reckless” enough to play a point Arthur consistently.

So… I’m getting ready for NCR this weekend, and I need some advice. What matchups do you think Gold Armor is a no-no? I run Arthur on anchor btw, so usually i GA through DHC

Against certain teams I won’t GA until these character are dead:
Dante (if they like to rushdown)
Dr strange (unless they’ve burned x-factor)
Magneto (Gravity Squeeze :frowning: )

Anyone have a character I should add? or wish to argue in favor of Gold Armor for one of these characters?

Characters that I particularly like GA (for assist and for fighting as arthur):
Sentinel (to beat his drones)
Doom (this one I’m unsure of… being able to pierce the point character and hit the assist is very handy against missiles, and it’s fairly easy to keep him out because of his speed, but doom is also pretty good at comboing from OTG. I still think it’s beneficial against doom, though, because bracelet can make the armor break safe)

From the top of my head, Storm is a no-no for sure. Ice Storm XFC Ice Storm = Dead Arthur. Skrull is also a no-no, his meteor smash makes it almost impossible to prevent a combo from him. Nova could be risky as well. His otg slide thing could reach Arthur and result in death.

I don’t think Nova is too bad. A buddy of mine has a solid Nova, and Gold Armor is nice because golden axe can stop his stupid airdash > j.H, and nets me a bracelet. And gold bottle is nice too since it pushes him out of slide range even on block. I can’t recall if axe stops the slide, but I think it will after it the axe drops down.

I can agree with Skrull and Storm though. I’ll update my other post and we can turn this into a community list of characters to avoid GA

I have a question for you guys. Would golden armor then xf be worth it, but as x factor level 2 instead of 3? I’m saying that because if Arthur is using xf level 2, that means he’ll have an assist, meaning the particular assist could help him get more projectiles on the screen, or a lockdown to help him get close enough to abuse his instant overheads, etc. The assist could also help Arthur save himself after the golden armor explodes, say for example, before his armor breaks, he calls Doom’s missiles to prevent the opponent from OTGing him into death. The only problem I see from this is that x factor will be weaker and shorter, but on the upside, he’ll have an assist to help him after x factor ends. I find Arthur to be a sitting duck if he’s alone once golden armor and x factor expires.

I’m not sure why you would run Arthur as anchor if you are scared to GA.

In any case, you can GA your assist against any character as long as you save 3+ meters for Arthur. Play Arthur normally during GA and when your armor is about to pop, do LV3 and XF it. You’ll pop while the dragon is out, and get up while they are still in blockstun.

note: This doesn’t really work against Strange unless you can pin him down before the LV3.