Golden Dawn, or the Greek news story you SHOULD know about


Starting off with the tl;dr version:

Greece voted-in a fascist party that looks frighteningly akin to the Nazi party in it’s early stages:

And it’s only getting worse, as today a member of the party physically attacked two female members of the Greek Coalition of the Radical Left, or SYRIZA party, which is often labeled as “communist.”


Full story here:

This guy is on the run from a police warrant and manhunt:

And members of parliament from the same party have been arrested over similar violent acts:

The events are the focus of outlash from Greek citizens that are rightly concerned:, sparking protest throughout Greece:

If this looks like something a legitimately good and upstanding organization would want to be identified by, then my name is Jesse Owens:

We often talk about crafting a time machine to go back and stop Hitler. This is our chance. No, there are no time machines. However, we do have common sense and a humanitarian will to do what is right. This party has not proven itself to be anything other than the thugs and criminals that protesters march in opposition to, and while we are not citizens of the Greek state, we do realize that our economies are entwined on a global scale, and we retain the historically-backed reasoning that fascism and hatred have the potential to spread throughout the world like a wildfire.

We’ve seen Hitler, and how the leaders of his time shed a blind eye to the threat that he posed and how that threat conflagrated into a horrible time of violence and death for much of the world. All I’m asking is that we do not do the same and allow this to go unchecked. We should be aware of this and we should be ready to act if it is necessary, so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated. Our news organizations are failing us, as they too have turned a blind eye to this situation. but as long as there is but a single eye to spot the injustices and outrages committed by a group such as this one, then there is still hope in the world. People such as you and I, the world over, are that hope.

Wikipedia article on Golden Dawn:

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“My Big Fat Greek Pimp Slap”

Seriously though I doubt anyone from Greece is gonna rise up to have any sort of real power. They’re in financial chaos at this point. Furthermore it looks like this is being “stopped.” You’ve already shown instances of people being against these folks. It’s not like they’re going unchecked.


Yeah, you’re right, but you can never be too sure. It’s not like I was around in 1933 to know what the general populace thought of ole’ Adolf.

… I’m also drunk. :tup: