Golden horseshoe Clash: June 25th [Hamilton] SSFIV:AE/MVC3

Golden Horseshoe Clash: June 25th [Hamilton] - Super Street Fighter IV AE/ Marvel vs Capcom 3

Official event page

Console Cabs

Official Events:

Marvel vs Capcom 3 [Xbox 360]
Super Street Fighter Iv [Xbox 360]
more possibly TBA


Bizclip Studio 3rd Floor
323 King St. E., Hamilton, Ontario L8N 1C1



[SIZE=15px][FONT=Helvetica]12:00pm - 1:30pm - Registration for all tournaments open[/FONT][/SIZE]
2:00pm - MVC3 Tournament Begin
4:00pm - SSFIV AE Tournament Begins.


1st Place = 70% of the prize Pot
2nd Place = 20% of the Prize Pot
3rd Place = 10% of the Prize Pot


$10 Venue Fee (this applies to participants)
$10 Entry fee (per game)
$5 Spectator*
*= if you are just a spectator and you are not going to be participating you just pay the spectator ticket instead of the venue fee, you will also be welcome to play casuals once the event is over

General rules

Also you are responsible to bring your own controllers/joysticks because they will not be provided.


Yay a Hamilton Tournament!

I like this.

Stickied, Good luck with this

I really would like to come to this but unfortunately, TTT is doing a Tekken, BB, and SC tournament.
Good luck drekken. I do not question this.


You mean I don’t even have to travel to make it out to this? I’m down for that.

if i happen to be off, I’ll be there. if not, i’ve used my allotted one tourney day off per month already for June, so next time.

I’ll see if I can switch a shift at work.

going to win

I can’t go to this, I work a double. Sucks since it’s so close. :confused:

Can’t make it now. Got other streaming responsibilities to tend to!

How many people are we expect for marvel?

I might go to this tournament, But I might get owned in the tournament.

Get hype y’all! $50.00 Pot Bonus for both AE and MvC3 courtesy of Omega Collectables!

I’ll be on-site as well with wares a-plenty. Let me know if there’s anything specific that you’re looking for and I can bring your order with me.



Hey I couldn’t find TE buttons on your website. Can you bring that as well if you do have some and let me knw the price as well.

Sorry about that, all our stick parts are not on the site because our first order got cleaned out pretty quickly. We’ll have some buttons, balltops, etc with us but it’s somewhat slim pickings right now.

We do have a huge order coming in that we should hopefully receive before Saturday, if not then next week.

We carry Sanwa & Seimitsu 30mm buttons, 24mm buttons, Seimitsu Pearly 30mm, Sanwa Balltops and Seimitsu Bubbletops plus button caps/covers in a variety of colours.

Would it be possible for me to register for AE around 3,3:30ish? Ill be at work till 2 and itll take me about an hour to get to the venue, but ill be there before 4 for sure! Lemme know! Thanks.

It would be awesome if you can bring some Sanwa buttons to the tourney n i’ll purchase from there.

does anyone in the gta area thats going to the event have any room in there car for me :3