@ Golden-NZ (P360 Washers)

I’ve been trying to contact him about buying a washer for my P360, but his inbox is full. If anyone knows him or knows another way to contact him, post up in this thread.

I can get into touch with him (hopefully). From what i remember he told me he was getting more of those p360 washer bearings but dunno if he’s gotten them yet.

oK I will let him know personally ASAP. :lovin:

put me on the list as well

sure thing, I will call him up after he is done with work then tell him about this thread :wgrin:

I’m interested as well, assuming the currently-produced P360’s still have the same lame problem.

Thanks for the quick responses. Let him know I’m ready to buy one whenever he has them for sale.

sorry guys been away for awhile. DJB-13 hitted me up anyways heres what i got so far

I have 20 washer bearings that recently came in but can only sell 12 of them, the other 8 are long gone. they go for $36 a piece plus shipping ($3) (they are pricey!). i know they are expensive but are totally worth it IMHO, but thats just me. more info on these can be found in my old thread. sorry i don’t have the link at this moment

they are pretty easy to install, as i will give instructions on what to do. Again these washer bearings make your P360 glide like butter (for the “hardcore/sensitive” palyers :bgrin:) i also have/ will include the lubrication engineering specs for these too (pretty impressive properties)

i will make a thread in the trade/buy/sell forums:

let me know in there on who wants some as they will go fast

just pm me your srk name, your real name and address

you can pay me at my paypal account:

***UPDATE! 3/8/2008

have a new batch of washer bearings for the P360. This new batch is the second prototype i had made with a little different material composition. Anyways they are a blue color now and damn awesome. a few left and up for grabs

let me know

Same price as the last set? If you can give me a little insight on how to install it, I will probably pick one up. My MAS finally showed up a few weeks ago.

you just have to remove those 4 screws holding the “cap” of the P360. remove the e-clip holding the joystick, and just replace the stock washer bearing with the new one. thats just an quick overcap, but i have a more detailed instructions that i will send with it

anyhow, just let me know if you still want some, they are expensive, so far everyone one has been very satisfied with them :bgrin:

sorry, I’m new to this (but not to p360s).

what’s the difference with this washer and the one included with a standard Happ P360?

I may be interested in buying 2 since I have 2 p360s coming in.


edit: NM , got it: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=133015&highlight=p360+washer

Thanks Kowal! I never knew such a fix existed. That looks like a cheaper mod, too.

actually the custom washer bearing has nothing to do with kowal’s fix. he puts paper in there to cover the slack on the pivot bearing. it works temporarily i guess, but i never had a problem with that type of creaking. alot of times creaking isn’t even coming from there, it actually comes from the P360 spring “lipping” the hub assembly base. its kinda of like taking your fingernail, putting it behind your front tooth and flicking it forward making the click sound

The custom washer bearing reduces friction down drastically between washer bearing and hub plaet on the P360, which is a totally different problem.

unpleasant feeling of playing on P360 is pivot - destabilisations of spring and washer.
this is not only problem P360. this is the problem of base wico and mistake is in every of model. I have 20xWico Microswitch Joystick, 2x old wicoP360 and 4xhapp P360. cheap and better first repair pivot. the same problem has suzo STC, washer is OK there.
yes washer tightens in 20% copies for strongly. this was it been possible to fix easily make higher actuator (+1mm) or to give in base small wsaher under actuator or screw (4).
washer should not touch plate optical hub so as does not touch in different euro/USA style joystick models. Change on better material nothing will help, how someone has in eye nail,
this does not lubricate him butter only takes out. You know this because I said you 2 years ago:)

this is not paper it is plastic