Golden Rules of Dhalsim

i’ve been playing dhalsim for a while and i wanted to make a thread like this to inspire others to reply to it and add some stuff they have realized about dhalsim. either it be character specific golden rules of dhalsim or whatever.

golden rules of dhalsim.

  1. Anti-air from every range possible. If you donot anti air from every range possible it will be impossible for you to keep them out at all times.

  2. Don’t let them in.
    Teleport fireball trick is good from the analysis of it working and being a mixup. But why do this? your going in yourself.

  3. Don’t get in the corner. when you start getting close to the corner figure out how to escape. escaping getting into the corner is easier when your just about to get in there and harder when your completely in there.
    ways to escape corner
    a. slide under people that jump at you.
    b. predict a jump and then just as they do this teleport behind them.
    c. throw them
    d. teleport behind when they do a long frame move.
    e. push them back with limbs bravely.

  4. Find the spot that gives you the most advantage and gives your opponent the least amount of options and stay in that spot.

  5. Don’t let trying to stay in the sweet spot let you get pushed back. if you get pushed back to much without awareness you get pushed back into the corner, if you get pushed back into the corner you will get corner trapped.

  6. If your opponent pushes you back by making you move back and you have done no damage to them and have gained no spacing advantage then they have won that spacing exchange. Even if they have done no damage to you.

This winning of an spacing exchange weighs less if you have the life lead and you know your going to be able to escape the corner before you get to it.

This winning of the spacing exchange by your opponent weighs more if they have health lead, health is neutral, they have a character that can push you into the corner easily, they have a character that does full screen ex jumps.

  1. Dhalsims move have distance ranges.
    range where we both touch the back of the screen and limbs cannot reach and ex fireball can only reach.

range right outside of fierce punch.

range within mid punch, mid kick, light kick

range within b+mk b+light kick

  1. Don’t do fierce punch when it is not in its range unless you are comboings from light fireball, ex-fireball, or you are trying to push back and you read that they will not jump over it.

never do fierce punch where you can do mid punch, light kick, and mid kick. or close non limbed moves.

The damage is less but the risks are low. your goal with dhalsim is keep life lead and to never let them in. Never letting them in means never getting caught in a block string. Block strings are the bane of dhalsims existance existance.

  1. Jumping back is the slowest way to get away. They can dash in while your jumping and meet you when you land. There are times that this move will work because you are jumping back and dodging a move that you don’t want to block but more often than not

back dash moves back quick. back instant air teleport move backs quick. back instant air teleport into mid punch low enough to punch them serves you better and moves b ack quick. jumping back while doing a yoga sniper serves you better.

If you must jump back at least teleport backwards just as you are about to hit the ground and then do an attack or just land or teleport behind them if they are going to run up on you as you jump back and do an attack.

  1. Staying close range for extended periods of time with out super or ultra will not save you. it will kill you.

back lk is a 3 frame move that is -1 on block and +1 on hit. it will save you from close range battles.

two back lk and a back medium kick into yoga sniper
back lk then medium kick into yoga sniper.

or, obtain control and then get out.

  1. To play dhalsim you must become an artist with corner escaping. Indeed, you must bring so much style and technique to this task that you make an art of it.

  2. throw out ultra 1 from in corner for the sole purpose of pushing your opponent back and getting out of it. absorbing fireballs sometimes to get more than 1 ultra in a match becoems practical when you use ultra 1 for this as well. because you may be cornered more than once.

do it from b+mk range that way they won’t be able to jump over you and cross you up and all that jazz.



I really like this. Sometimes i had a hard time following you. Could you clean up the grammar a bit please? other than that amazing advice :smiley:

Props. good base write up for Sim newcomers. (though I doubt they’ll be a mass sim explosion in AE like we saw from sf4 to super, lol)

Thanks guys.

Thanks for the sim advice I hope it helps cause I am new to SF4.

And don’t rage after losing 3-7 match-ups at NCR.

I’m becoming a new Sim player after trying to jump in as C.Viper and the finding much more success as Abel. This helped me a ton with figuring out how to play him and not feeling like I was being cheap by constantly running.