Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Thread. See Isaac & Co.'s next generation of heroes

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Plenty of stuff to see, but not all the info is up yet. The main character of the game is Isaac’s son. Isaac is shown on the site, looking older and badass. Matthew is probably going to be mute judging from the character description.

The game is out Nov. 29!

holy shit this is awesome. i must have it. i must have it. i loved the first two, seriously. one of the most-slept on RPG games of all time. and one of the best soundtracks - the lost age had some dope music on it.

i’m getting this shit the second it drops.

I collected every Dijinn and did everything in the first Golden Sun, though I never got to play the 2nd game. If I could transfer my Golden Sun 1 characters to Golden Sun 2 right now, I’d probably rape the entire game in a few hours.

I’m hyped for this, but I’d want to play through GS2 before this game.

I got the 2nd game but my cousin stole it from me, now I have to beat it before I play this one. This one looks awesome though, the Golden Sun series is just so much fun!:lovin:

Nice! Kind of gave up on this coming out, but now we have a release date. I’ll definitely be all over this next week. I still have my same from the first 2, I wonder if there will be a carry over effect.

OH MY GODDDD YES this game is jizz worthy.

This was my first GBA game and I still have my original. I can’t wait till this drops

I hope it’s nowhere near as easy as wordy as I remember it being. Goddamn was there a lot of text for the simplest bits of plot. As well as fake choices for like everything.

Always thought they had some interesting ideas in there, like a summon heavy battle system (even if the games was practically a breeze for most of it, not neccessitating), more puzzle reliant dungeon design (except that they rarely were interesting to me), interesting ideas with character roles and their significance (except I thought the writing was very redundant, or long winded, or nigh stupid). Okay, I hated the first game (skipped the second) but I am still holding out that they take all the things that I thought might’ve been good which I ended up hating and actually make it good…at least for me.

If you hated the first and skipped the second I don’t know why you’d even want to try this one honestly. It sounds like you really just don’t like the series. I would find something else to play.

damn time to find my DS again, getting it the moment it drops.

I’ve played the first two and loved both of them, collecting all the Dijinn was fun.

I can’t even tell if you’re serious or if this is just flame bait. Whatever it is, don’t even bother playing this one because you’re most likely going to be disappointed.

This and Tactics Ogre are fighting to the death for my allegiance in the handheld war :sad:

This better be good. I don’t trust japan for anything anymore. Most games they’ve been releasing is shit clustered fuck. I LOVE the golden sun games I finished both a long time ago. I’m getting ready to be disappointed even though this looks good.

The only thing that disappoints me about Dark Dawn so far is that is has random battles. I was sure random battles were over and done with by now. Even DQ9 ditched it.

Japan doesn’t move on. Disappointment incoming! :frowning:

On the real though it’s getting nice reviews.

Well, i just thought it had nice ideas, executed in ways I ended up hating.

I guess I was just asking (and pre-emptively justifying myself) if Dark Dawn is looking really similar to the previous games (ie I will totally avoid) or if they made changes (ie I might give it a shot)

I doubt the new game will drastically change in format, esp. considering that your issues seem very personal and specific IMO.

Page is updated with Psynergy and Djinn.

YouTube - TheUnwiseOne1’s Channel

Dark Dawn gameplay vids…

May contain spoilers

Picked up the game yesterday. I’m a little over two hours in, and I’ve reached the Training Grounds. They’ve done a good job recapping the events of the previous games with the books and the Training Grounds. The latter is a funny way to recap stuff. :lol:

I played the original Golden Sun and saw videos for the second game and this new DS one. I never got into the story and dungeons of the original, and stopped playing. But I will say this: those games look fucking amazing and have spectacular spell effects, and I was always disappointed when other GBA/DS RPGs (including remakes) never stepped up and tried topping those looks.

Dr. B’s spell effects can never be fully seen; your tiny human mind can’t comprehend them. Like Galactus, but less queer.