Golden Token Thread

Though I start a thread for San Diego’s new arcade.

The only place in San diego with siemese MVC2 and CVS2 machines with well maintained sticks.

They also have a pool table and Intial D

initial d hell yeah, well you know i’ll be going there now. Rob whats up with tommorow…what time do you work?

and go to sleep

hmmm hey i go to gta now and then my card name is m.@.d for initial d but n e way does n e one play cvs2 man there r now comp for old school games down in southcal, well if im wrong come down n kick my ass uh… please.

new arcade?

where is it?

It’s by college ave off the 94.I think it might be the place now instead of nickel for tourneys.

damnit what the hell is a siemese cabinet?

whos comin to plaza today. also i THINK a seimise cabinet just means 2 marvel cabinets next to each other…i hope:confused: and not some freak of nature.:eek:

allright. A siamese cabinet is basically two cabinets back to back that are the same game with each having one controller for each player. So what that means is that you won’t have be cramped up when you are playing against somebody. You’ll have a machine all to yourself. So it’s pretty tight. Oh and neto call me. Fernis’ down to go so it should be pretty good.

aight ill call you at 12…do you just wanna go down to plaza or kick it at my pad for a bit before plaza and practice it up at marvel or whatever? i got a good sized tv with all the fighting games you need.

Not a bad idea. But I was gonna pickup Fernando so I don’t know. For me I 'd rather play for free. But whatever we’ll see. Call Izzy to see what’s up and your friend Chris.

ok, i guess everyone is getting in touch right now, i say next week we hold a tourney. <---------period

my name is sega for initial d, fuck you cant put cuss words on it.:mad:

As soon as I get golden token apexed…we will have torney’s

me, rob, and jaime…went to golden token today, imo i think that golden is the best place to play games at. That is the new joint, GT is the shizzit. I think we should have a get together this upcoming weekend and rob if you get the account for apex this week we should hold a tourney this upcoming weekend also. GT is the shit what else can i say…plus it has initial d.

I mean the games they have there are tight as hell too
initiald, time crisis 3, house of the dead 3, some kart racing game, some drum game like samba, kof 2002, cvs2, mvc2, some weird ass fighter the “martial artist?”, some wanna be initial d, ddr extreme, and a couple more i cant remember.

HOTD 3 , time crises 3, 3rd strike mvc2 , cvs2, and more!? too ill !:eek: lets get together there for some marvel soon.:cool:

Sounds like a good idea

i know, this weekend, friday or saturday, which day is the best.

i played probably the best i have in a long time at golden token, i am no longer angry at marvel…wait yes i am, I still hate the random shit.:smiley:

so who is down:o

im down. my cyclops is gonna rock your doom all over the place. isaac has seen my cyclops. he was like :eek:

Nah Dios…my homeboy Sonny over at Long Beach has a pretty fucking dope Cyclops. He can OCV any of my teams with Cyclops…same with his Doom…his Cammy…his Strider…and Magneto.

Yes dios I’ve seen your cyclops and it was :o My bison will rule all:cool:

who’s down to go friday night??