Goldeneye is back! Minus Pierce Brosnan though

I’m excited and everything, but seriously, on the Wii?

Took them long enough.

Dammit. I thought I escaped nintendo’s grasp about two years ago. Color me impressed. This is what the wii needs, though. Nintendo has been losing the spotlight recently to Sony and Microsoft.

And they said the Wii wasn’t next gen!


And they let you beat the crap out of people with martial arts like Craig’s Bond on top of it. :tup:

Do I have a boner? looks down Yes, indeed, I do.

I’m excited as anyone else, but the graphics look strangely similar to the N64 :lol:

Graphics don’t have to change, just as long as the frame rate is beefed up!

Hell yeah, i’m getting this shit.

Not sure how I feel about this. Outside of the game possibly still being fun because of nostalgia factor, GoldenEye’s gameplay has not aged well at all.


Is this even being made by the same people, or is it just a ‘sequel’ for the sake of the money? It’s hard to get excited over this anyway, being as it’s on the Wii.

It seems like it’s getting updated though, if the CQC unarmed takedowns are any indication.

Initial reports said it was being developed by n-Space and Eurocom, the guys who did The World is Not Enough. Also the ‘official’ website, throws a Fedora/Apache test page right now, but looking up the DNS info it’s registered under Activision.

That game was some mediocre garbage, yo.

Haha yeah, I heard, though I never really got to play it. Still want to see how this turns out though, mostly for the sake of nostalgia.

I was kinda hyped, then I saw the video. Seriously? I’m not a graphics whore AT ALL, but… it looks like they’re making another N64 game. At least supe it up to Gamecube-level graphics…


I wonder if Goldeneye Source is still being worked on? If you guys have a Steam account and any game that uses the Source engine you can try it for free. Just Google Goldeneye Source. It looks much more faithful than what I just seen in that trailer to the N64 game, the level design is almost the exact same with some added twists. Graphics are obviously better, too.

4 Player multiplayer online=garbage. 16-32 or GTFO. Also, fuck Wii.

FPS on Wii is horrible.

Goldeneye was THE shit back when I was 6.

GoldenEye Source is a lot of fun, but the last time I played, there wasn’t a lot of people. We should have a SRK session or something.

Fuck the Wii and fuck Daniel Craig. Craig not Bond and Goldeneye is not his movie. What if they replaced Connery with him in the From Russia with Love game? Same thing.

I mean if you want to go off inserting him in place of old Bond’s at least choose one who sucked. Like George Lazenby. I wouldn’t mind Craig inserted in an On Her Majesty’s Secret Service game.