Gone too far. Chris brown in marshal's custody



“Hey boy. You got a purdy mouf.”
“You gonna SING for this dick!!!”

Things Chris brown would say, things chris brown has heard, or new album titles? You decide.



If you’re rich and broads want to fuck you, you should not be doing dumb shit that keeps getting you locked up. Just saying.


^Cannot agree with you more. You see, Razor Ramon would not be caught up like that. Ramon was the Bad guy, not the stupid guy.



Niggas, man. You give them every opportunity and they just can’t stay out of trouble. See this shit all the time in football players, too.


If only that were true of Scott Hall :sad:


tru. he’s straightening up now though. Dat DDP yoga mang. That shit is making ME believe.



It’s a guy thing. Bieber be fucking up the same way as Brown.

You give us guys money and fame, and a busload of Scandinavian sluts waiting to fuck our brains out, and we’re helpless.

There’s nothing we can do to control ourselves in that situation.

Someone once said that to test a man’s character, give him power.

Nah, I say give him an unending supply of teen groupies willing to do every depraved act of sexual theater known to man…that’ll test him plenty.

Even Spock would be like “where da bitches at?”


Nah mang. Spock won’t go down for no booty.



Seen this episode? http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Amok_Time_(episode)


Nah, it’s a “nigga with money” thing. Bieber’s been acting like a stereotypical black male (aka a “nigga”), too. That’s why he’s always in trouble. *Niggas have next to no impulse control, so they do dumb shit and only think about it after they’re in trouble, whereas MEN have the ability to reason, and understand cause and effect.


So does that count for the sterotypical White man cheating on his wife with the secretary, getting divorced, and then the wife takes half his money, his house, and cars along with child support?


You’d be surprised how often that DOES actually happen, Dr. Senzu Bean. Dude working an a field where he has long hours, wife gets pissed because of missed family events or just plain tired of the dude coming home and being on autopilot from overwork, no peace at home…female coworker understands the guy’s trouble and empathizes…then she suddenly looks more attractive. You know where this goes.


man you missed your chance with so far gone on the title.


I was mainly wondering whether you willing to apply *Niggas to white men as well, especially where I outlined where he may not be thinking of the long-term consequences of cheating on the missus.


This guy is always in custody.


You have the avatar of the year.


At first I thought this was awesome, because I thought it was the pedophile guy.
Then I realized it wasn’t him and thought it was the fighting game guy, thought it was ok, then realized there is no way that would be newsworthy.
Rappers are supposed to be gangster. Disappointed.


That’s NOEL Brown.


I watch too much porn…browsing this thread randomly and I read Noel Easton instead…
I’d take her over talking about CB anyday though…

  • :bluu:


The difference being that that kind of cheating is more emotional than “I’m gonna throw money around and get laid round the clock.” They’re both still wrong for the record.

Also screw Chris Brown. lol