Gonna be in the area next week


I’ll be up in somewhat Northern California (more northern than where I am in CA anyway) visiting family next week and am gonna have a bit of down time here and there. Are there any semi-decent places near Tracy/Pittsburg that I should check out while i’m there?


you will pretty much be an hour away from ANYWHERE :slight_smile:


You are far from civilization.


says the people from davis and salinas lol. its pretty much all house gatherings in the east bay, so if you’re here on a day when theres a 925 gathering, youre only like 15 minutes away.


Yeah, but I work in Man Jose.:rofl:

Salinas, we can’t have an arcade anyway, gangbangers will shut that shit down quick.

We are ranked 4th in Californian in murders per capita.

Not arcade friendly.:sad:


oh come on, youre telling me an arcade on seminary and foothill would have gang problems??? such a nice neighborhood…


I figured I wouldn’t be too close to any major places, but thought it was worth asking anyway.


ever since that murder in “of Men and Mice” you guys are coming up!


if youre gonna be in Pittsburg check out the 925 matchmaking and gatherings.