Gonna be travelling the States from the UK around Evo time. Coupla questions


Hi chaps,

Long time member of the UK FGC and always dreamed of going to Evo. My wife and I are gonna be travelling the States this summer and I’m engineering things so that I’m in Vegas for evo so I’m sooo hyped it’s unbelievable.

Thing is: I will effectively be on my own for all intents and purposes as my wife will just be taking in the sights and sounds and has no interest in FG’s at all.

Is there somewhere where everyone convenes beforehand for some games so I could meet a few chaps and get a few games in? Also I will be travelling light so I won’t have room in my luggage for my TE. Is there any scope to borrow a TE when you’re actually playing or are most people too protective to let that happen? There’s literally no way I can get mine over there really so I’m relying on the kindness of others really lol.

Cheers for the help in advance guys.


Attendees usually meet up at hotel rooms for casuals beforehand…so you can try to make some friends beforehand.

Same for stick lending.
While the majority is not as grimy as perceived…don’t expect anyone to lend you a stick straight out.
Yes…there are thieves out there.
Luckily if you got spare monies…you can buy a stick during the event.


Sweet so I can keep my eyes out for threads on here beforehand and maybe meet up with a few peeps.

Any particular hotels to look out for? I think last year there was a thread on here about a big meetup just before kick off wasn’t there? I’ll keep my eyes peeled anyway.

If anyone wants to lend me a stick for my two and oh then I promise I’m not a thief. You can trust me. I’ll let you sleep with my sister too to show you how much of a nice guy I am :wink:


Hey man,

I’m traveling from the UK too. Planning a holiday to the USA and whilst I’m there I’m hitting Vegas and EVO2k13!

I’m signing up for SSF4 which I read was on XBox, so I’m taking my Hori EX2. It’s no TE, but its okay.

Feel free to get in touch on here or @Saldejums on twitter and we can hang out at the event, and you can use my stick if our matches don’t collide :slight_smile:


Hahaha…all main Evo games except for Smash will be on PS3.
Don’t know where you read that SSF4:AE will be on Xbox.


A meetup thread would be cool. I’m traveling alone from The Netherlands and staying at the Paris Hotel during the event.


Oh yeah, could have sworn I read it on evo.srk.com together with UMvC3 because of the PS3 lag, must have been for another event I guess.

Ah that was for CEO 2013. I guess I’ll try pick up a new stick!


Awesome, that’ll be wicked man, we should defo get together for a few games beforehand. I’ll follow you on Twitter. I’m TheBirdLives" on there too.


Definitely. Presumably there will be a meetup thread on here just before. If there isn’t one then I’ll make it :slight_smile:


Hi guys, have another quick question:

I’ll be coming to Vegas with my wife and I’d like to experience it as well as just fight.

What sort of time do you reckon it’ll all be done in the evening please? I suppose it will depend on the times of my matches but do you think I’ll be to have an evening with the wife and take in a show and a meal etc?

Cheers guys.


Well, yes, it definitely depends on the time of your fights, but unless you go deep you shouldn’t really need to be at the tournament very long. If you want to stay and watch all of the matches after pools you’re likely going to be there a while. I believe saturday and sunday ran well past midnight last year. It depends on how long you’re in and what events you’d like to watch. Regardless, the schedule for the tournament comes out well ahead of time so you should be able to plan your days beforehand.


Nice one cheers dude. I’m probably gonna go two and oh as I will have been travelling for two months by the time it rolls around so won’t have played at all but it’s a once in a lifetime thing for me so I had to check it out.