Gonna buy my first stick, some questions

How is the Mayflash stick? I was thinking of buying it. The Amazon reviews listed it as 4/5 with the only problem being the overly clicky stick.

Could anyone point me to a fairly good PS1/2 stick that is $50 or less?

Also, does the SE SF4 stick have a PS2 port or USB? (or both?)

MayFlash is a ok stick, the only problem is the buttons. The buttons are like a giant d pad controller, that makes it very unresponsive. MayFlash need some modding to be good. U can find a hori Tekken 5 Anniversary edition about $50 on ebay or a namco psone stick. Those are good stock for a cheap price. Those are the best to mod as well and most pro uses them. The SE SF4 Mad Cat is a USB and it does not have a ps2 at all. Hope, this will help u. Every penny counts for a good stick. :slight_smile:

Could you link me? I couldn’t find any on ebay.

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I had issues with my mayflash stick the buttons got to a point where they would stop responding after 1hr or so of play. I was planning to mod it from the start but i didn’t think i would have issues with it in under a month of use. The stick is also very loose but it’s playable.

Also at least 2 versions of this stick exist. The older version has a really bad button layout for ps3 use but a pretty standard layout for ps2. The newer version uses the more standard layout for both ps2 and ps3. The only way i’ve come up with to tell the difference is the back of the boxes have the button layouts so try to get a pic of the actually box they are going to send you and not a stock pic if that’s a big deal to you.