Gonna Get A New Pad


My old PS2 Dual Shock is crapping out of me, so I was thinking of getting a new pad to use on my PC (For emulation purposes obviously). I was wondering if the Street Fighter IV Fight Pad’s were worth buying. However they seemed to be kinda rare lately, and they were fetching pretty high prices on ebay. I noticed that the 15th Anniversary Street Fighter Controllers for the PS2 were on ebay for pretty reasonable prices, and was considering getting one of those.

Which one would be the better choice?


just get a saturn usb pad…everything else is not worth the money. idk about the SF4 pads but the anniversary pads are total crap, stay away.


I just did a search on ebay and found a few USB Saturn pads. They are even cheaper! Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it.


Here’s the official feedback thread for the SFIV MadCatz FightPad:


I’ll give my feedback on that thread.


fightpad, the floating-like dpad just feels too great (for me atleast)
and i read new batch works great. (browsed forums/blogs etc. everywhere)


I was thinking about getting a saturn pad but i think the ones on ebay are kinda fake. these things are supposed to be rare yet there are like a thousand of them on ebay for like 10 bucks each.


Yes, many hongkong bootlegs.
They arent real, but yet do they work well (if you dont get a defected one lol)

I warn you, watch out, some explode in your hands.


i got one ryu madcatz pad for sale for the ps3. But im a new member and cant sell it on the forum!



The USB ones are real. The PS2 ones are the sought after ones.


There are definitely bootlegs out there. Look out for ones without the SEGA logo in the center of the pad; those are the ones you want to stay away from.

The safest bet if you don’t want to get screwed: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=163928
…And buy from the same seller MarkMan bought from.

I did that, and the way I see it is, even if it turns out to be a bootleg, it’s one mighty fine bootleg. I love mine.


I have a USB Saturn pad and everything looks/feels legit except the dpad. It’s horrible. If you’re going to get one, make sure to get a legit Saturn model 2 pad and swap the good dpad into the USB pad.

From what I can tell of that thread, these bootlegs use to have good dpads but now they use lower-quality parts to increase production numbers.


I still have the anniversary controller. I think it’s pretty good but I end up still using my PS2 pad.

Compared the the madcatz one I think the anniversary is better due to build quality.