Gonna start playing Cammy

So ive been playing this game for a year now messing around with a lot of different vortex characters like Akuma and Ibuki but i dunno i just dont really like them. Ive been messing around playing friends and doing trials/combos etc and getting blown up online but the other night i faced a pretty high ranked Cammy and my god i just got double perfected so free it was insane! So i thought id learn her as my first real serious character cos i like the rushdown game and i like the idea of doing things that will make my friends jump up and down screaming. So was just wondering, is Cammy a hard character to learn her mixups/combos? Also what would you reccomend to start practicing in the lab, what are her best bnb combos, mixups etc to practice? I read the Cammy stickies here and its nice to get an overview of her combos etc but it doesnt really give any advice as to what is best and which is best to start off with, just to let you know im definately a noob when it comes to SF execution i just feel like im too slow everything in this game just needs to be done so damn fast lol.

all help appreciated.

i feel you. After getting double p’d, I feel cammy is the way to go as well.

First of all there is a Q&A thread for a reason…nevermind,
You maybe should start with her easiest hitconfirm (cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.mp > HK Spiral Arrow) and her basic punish combo (cr.hp, cr.mk > HK Spiral Arrow). These are her universal combos and they work on everyone except Juri (the cr.hp, cr.mk combo doesn’t work).
These Combos lead to techable knockdowns where you can setup an ambiguous divekick. They actually almost never cross up but if timed properly they will snuff out reversals or make them whiff.
You should also get used to some basic frametraps and her normal mixups:
cr.lp > throw
cr.lp > s.mp > cr.mp (if the s.mp hit)
cr.lp > s.hp > cr.mk > hk arrow (my go to frametrap and combo after i hit a j.lk. It’s a 1 frame link combo but it’s worth the damage)
cr.lk > cr.lk > cr.lk > s.hk (don’t chain the lk’s but link them)
cr.mp, cr.mp > s.hk
And you should also learn her TKCS EX divekick:qcb::uf:
E.g. you do 2 cr.lp’s and a walkup throw.
The next time you do 2 cr.lp’s again but instead of a walkup throw you walk up and do the instant divekick instead. Sometimes instead of wakeup throws you can do meaty EX divekicks on wakeup but you should have in mind that your opponent could also dp > ultra you.
And finally, try to utilize her backthrows. She has literally A TON of options of a backthrow so when you’re going to throw someone then for the sake of god, go for the backthrow. There is nothing wrong with forward throws either but she can’t safejump of a forward throw. The only decent option is a hooligan throw but this again can get stuffed by dp’s. It is still worth a try if your opponent doesn’t have enough meter to mash out reversals or fadc their dp’s or whatever so keep that in mind.

I can’t say much about how to play her midscreen. I personally try to whiffpunish pokes, or to get a knockdown in general (sweep, backthrow, hooligan, EX Spiral arrow to get across fireballs etc) and then apply pressure. But then again I wouldn’t rushdown a zangief. You should just never jump randomly in on somebody and don’t mash out all your ex divekicks, don’t forget they cost 1 EX bubble so use that tool with deliberation. And never jump in randomly because you think there is no other option for you which is wrong.

This is Cammys play in a nutshell. I definately left out some of her mixups and she is capable of much more than this.

Your best bet at the moment is to check out the Cammy Tech Tutorials by RandomSelectTV


And seriously there is a Q&A thread for this kind of questions.

Thans for that And het i checked out all the vids And threads, guess i gotta go practice now also I’m awfull at execution so don’t think the 1frame links are viable right now…

add me on xbl if u want my help or inbox me here my gt is SoO AmaZYN i’m in NYC so i hope we can get sum good matches in