Gonzalez and Zoob Punch the Universe: Blue Finds a Clue September 26,2009 Results Up

Zoob Posting:

In this world, there cannot exist two tournaments with the same name that toss this many aardvarks at passing children without the world splitting in two. Divide by zero folks, and pray that your existence will not be eradicated as the face grating of a life time slams you in your spiritual balls. Like a forty pound quesidilla, the dripping excitement of its cheesy goodness will not come off for days. Once again, to prevent universal devastation, I will ask for only 18 of the toughest mariachis to come to the Springfield arena. Saturday the 26th, be there; be punched in the face!

For the second time, which we will attempt to pass off as the first time, be prepared to bring your most diabolical, the most retched, the most soul-batteringly foul fighting games in your collection, as we bring you the new and improved Blue’s Clues Death Match at Steve’s House Without Your Trusty Couch Notebook: Where’s Your Sombrero Now? That’s right, the knives are sharper, the stakes are juicier, and the fighting even more asinine for the coveted title, King of Madness. Last time, Zoob walked away with the title, as all of the games were his, but this fall, in Gonzales’ apartment, there may be a new champion. Will it be you?

The Skinny:

327 State St.
Springfield, MA 01105
Apartment A32

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Schedule:

Registration: 12 PM

Blazeblue: 4 PM
Food Break: 6 PM
GG, ST, TF: 6:30 PM

List of attendes:
12.Wave of Babies

Venue Fee: $3
SF4: $5
GG: $3
ST: $3
TMNT Tournament Fighters: $2
BB: $5
Obligatory Mastercard joke: Priceless

If you have any trouble finding the place or need directions finding the building give me a call at (413) 693-4191

Results are up:
Zoob froze my computer and the SF4 Singles Results were Lost im goin to post up top 3 from what i remember
SF4 Singles

SF4 Random Teams**

1 blue Suace(Blue9,WeakSauce)
2 KonApex (Kona,Apex)
3 Lucky Mania (LuckeyD,Justo)
4 Gonzo Drowzy (Gonzales,DRowzzy)
5 PigMike (Piggy,MikeNAtel)

Guilty Gear

1 Blue9 (May)
2 Gonzales (Dizzy)
3 Plainview (Slayer)
4 Zoob (Potemkin)
5 Kona (Bridget)
5 Apex (Potemkin)
7 Furok
7 Tails
9 Aria
9 PotBuster
9 Life
Super Turbo**

1 Kona (Chun-li)
2 Zorin (T.Hawk,Dictator)
3 WeakSauce3 (Sagat,Ryu,Deejay)
4 Gonzales (Chun-li, O.ken)
5 Justo (Zangief)
5 LuckyDan (Ken)
7 Apex (Ryu)
7 Furok (Chun-li)
9 Blue9 (Ryu)


1 Gonzales (Armaggonz,Chrome-Dome,Raphael)
2 Zoob (Wingnut,Armaggon)
3 LuckyDan (Wingnut)
4 WeakSauce3 (Mikey,Armaggon)
5 Plainview (Dontello)
5 Blue9 (Donatello)
7 Apex (Shredder)
7 Bonj (Armaggon)
9 Kona
9 Tails

You can count me in for the GG tourney. I’d join the SF4 one, but I don’t have a PS3 and don’t feel like going through the hassle.

what the hell is this ST stuff? HD Remix is the current iteration of the series being played. Pplease replace it with HD Remix, thanks. And of course, Im down.

^funny post. :rofl:

no, last time we had more support for an ST tourney.

Gonzo, you going to make that chili again?

I’m thinking of coming, but I’m not sure if I’ll be busy on Saturday. I’ll know if I’ll be around after tonight. Definitely down for ST and TF, might play SF4. Someone’s gotta rep Gooley.

i’ll probably make it out. sign me up for sf4, and MAYBE TF if i get a chance to play it before then. ST, too, for shits, if i’m coming i might as well.

Gonzo this sounds like your Bukkake episode.

lol i dint make the intro Zoob did, i just told him to do it in my account so i can keep updating it.

What the fuck…

… Zoob = Calx?

ANYWAY. I’ll be there. SF4, BB, GG.

Zoob=Manofgod=Bruce Wayne (thank you Tekken Zaibatsu). For all your tournament hype needs.

He LOVES semen

Man you are just bitter because you get tossed around in Remix :lovin:

Whatever, I don’t play much ST anymore but I still love the game. Ill just practice that mode instead I guess.

Just remembered I’m busy that day, take me off the list :bluu:

What does this $3 venue fee cover?

Gonzales is Puerto Rican

Notice the emphasis of this event is the MEXICAN Knife Fight. :cool::shake::lame::china:

Op, did you know there is a ***tournament & events forum?


We’re trying to limit exposure for attendance limitation purposes, hence the post here.