Good 1st fight in 3S ( don't think it is old )

How do I save this vid to my HD as I don’t know how to save target this one

WHOA!! Thanks man I need to see great matchs like htese

Hey you helped me out and I helped u out but how did you do that

oh sorry, was too happy to get new great videos!! I went to view source code, then went to find and typed .wmv which got the source, I copied the source and added it to

where do you right click to get view source code as I know I have sen that somewhere.

Cool I have done it

heh old shirube tribe from a year ago. good vid tho. only 1 part of like 6 tho iirc.

That’s from the Shirube Tournament.

…it’s really easy, just right click on the video and click properties and viola.

Oh are these those long ass match vids? They used to be up on goforbroke back when Dr funk owned the hub. I miss those days :frowning:

If you have never seen these, they are well worth the download. Plus fucking Remy players placing high in a big tournament!!

thank u very mu8ch for giving me an easier way but still thanks 2 bohnett for the normal way he told me

is this Shirube 2 tournament?

It’s all about J’s makoto

Boy did he ever stomp that Remy into the ground…that YSB is a freak of nature

Is this the vid where YSB parrys a shitload of Light of Virtues in the 3rd round?

You got it

Ok, I have the complete set of those vids if anyone wants to host em. Best part IMO is the Double Perfect on Dudley via Makoto. :clap:

I Want The Dudley Pwnage On Akuma !!

all the shirube vids are in my fserve on irc

i also still got the first shirube if anyone wants em the rip isn’t the best though

My fave 3S vid is Sugiyama’s vicious beasting on Ushi’s Urien with Necro.

EDIT: Here, have a link.

It’s not the long ass matches like these, but it’s just wow to watch.