Good Akuma//Dhalsim players (pros)

hi im new here:>

and in sf4 too. ofc i played a lot sf2 and sf3 when i was younger but never was rly good (couldnt beat the sf3 boss… should say everything :wink: )

since sf4 release i play it but with a lot of long breaks. i think im normal-good with balrog. enough about my sf history

the main thing what i wanted to ask

i try to train with akuma


can u name me some “pro” akuma players? (and dhalsim) so i can search videos and watch some matches

only pro names i know are justinwong and daigo and some other but there not akuma players

thx a lot

Momochi / edma - akuma

iyo / sabin - dhalsim

theres more but those are the ones that first come to my head.


Momochi with his Akuma

Tokido, Momochi, Zak Bennet, Ed Ma…

Iyo, Yagami, Sabin (Arturo Sanchez), Ho Kun Xian…

There’s a few to get you started.

for Dhalism - Filipino Champ

ShadyK for Akuma.