Good Akuma opponents on XBL



Hey guys. I’ve recently switched to Akuma but I’m having trouble finding decent opponents to fight. I have a friend who plays Akuma but he mashes srk through blockstrings and does random raging demons through blockstrings which is slightly annoying. So, a good opponent on XBL would be nice. I am of a decent ability I’d say, not at an amazing level however I can hold my own against most players. I’m looking to gain some valuable experience with Akuma because honestly, he’s the most fun I’ve had with a character yet and his combo’s are just TOO flashy. Any good opponents would be nice.

(Btw, ALL the threads on here are extremely informative and helped me a bunch when looking up information on Akuma. Thanks a lot guys!)




If you’re getting hit by dp or demon through block strings, then maybe you should punish it so he stops


hahahahhaha, you bastard. :slight_smile:


To be honest if you are looking to learn Akuma I wouldnt recommend facing other Akumas.

I can fight ya if you want but Im not that great. Send a FR to CLxJames if you are interested


Well Akuma vs Akuma can still give you some tricks, but yes part of learning a character is leaning the match ups.


But the mirror match usually boils down to who can do the most shenanigans and who can escape the most shenanigans :stuck_out_tongue: at least in my experience


When both players can punish shenanigans then you start to see the other side…who can avoid screwing up first. First combo wins :wgrin:


pretty much. I main akuma. Add me if you want.




I’m Game. add me @ ll Biren09 ll


I could do with someone to spar against. not for fights, but just to see any new combos to learn
really wish you could put ppl in training mode together through online…
friend of mine learning dudley and it’s so not fun having online matches with a health bar


You can add me if you want. I don’t main akuma but i use him a lot.


I think mirrors are actually important. It can show you aspects of your character that normally you may have overlooked. In turn this can help in other matchups.

Besides Akuma has good footsies, so you can benefit from playing someone with solid footsies.


Im on right now, someone send an invite