Good Akuma's on XBL?

Looking to play against a good Akuma on XBL, as I am not a good Akuma and am looking to better myself. I like to play a rushdown style which either works very well, or works horribly depending on how the opponent reacts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yo, I’d say I’ve come a long way since I first started out so send me a FR (I’ll inbox you my GT) and I’ll gladly give you some games and help you. Whereabouts you from btw? May I also point out I am the best Akuma ever and anyone that tells you otherwise on this forum is lying :stuck_out_tongue:

Akuma mirrors are derp, imo

They are, but me playing Superlollo helped me in a number of ways.

  1. I don’t crouch tech mash any more
  2. I’m not so teleport happy any more
  3. I learnt how to OS palm into tatsu to catch a teleport
  4. I learnt a number of setups

Fair enough the mirror is shit but you can learn a lot of things from the opponent and how they play.

I don’t like em much either (especially when the connection is horrid), but I had a fun match yesterday: Landing U2 when your opponent O/S’s U1 on your teleport is Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!

looks around innocently

LOL! Nah, I wasn’t speaking of you specifically. You should try playing JR sometime… Now that’s a BAD Connection… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I’m saying HIS connection is bad, just that my connection to him is.

Haha I was just messing :smiley:
Do you think it will ever be possible for people to play with others around the world with no problem? Or would everyone have to have like 100mb fibre optic lines for that to even work. I mean, games like CoD can do it so why can’t SF?

Yo add me on XBL GT is SHINAKUMALVL2…
Been away at job corps for almost a year but just came off a 18 day vacation and still playing good the changes to akuma are meh… 175 dmg ex tatsu from 200 dmg i dont understand why they reduced it… plus the new glitch that makes your opponent not go flying from a ex tatsu is :wtf: makes me wonder why we cant get FADC red fireball dmg/stun back when there reducing akuma’s dmg little by little.
i should be home around September after i take my Pharmacy Tech nationals then we can mirror match all day

LOL! Nah, I wasn’t speaking of you specifically. You should try playing JR sometime… Now that’s a BAD Connection… :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually played a first to 10 with pikachuakuma a few weeks ago; connection was fine but a totally humbling experience, I got swept and I think won a total of 2 rounds in 10 matches

Lol dude, you gotta stay patient with Akuma. He takes time, a lot of time. I lost a good 300-400 games before I could even start reliably giving people a tough game with Akuma. However now after about 3 months with him it is a lot easier…you just gotta give it time. It’ll come, slowly but surely.

I plan on sticking with him and being patient, hard as it may be i wont give up on a character i enjoy playing. For a while i was getting discouraged, as i also play vega and have only been on XBL since id say the beginning of may and have 7000 bp’s with vega in super and 4000 in AE, while i think i maybe broke 3000 with akuma once then after dropping down below 2000 (huge losing streak while trying to learn how to use demon flip), i’m now around 2500. Now after reading up on Akuma and how hard he is to learn, i attribute this to the fact that i really had no clue what i was doing with Akuma, and he’s easy prey for anyone that knows the shoto matchup’s and also the fact that not many people know the vega matchup or how to deal with izuna drop’s. If you’d like to send me your GT as you said, ill add you and play some mirror matches. Hopefully i’ll learn a thing or two.

Add me MBR NL

Yeah, that happens a lot with JR… My first set against him, I got raped pretty badly (he has our matches up on his channel) and I believe I only won 2-3 rounds total. The 2nd set (about 2 months ago) he played his Oni and I got a few more rounds and even won a match (the 10th one). It took me about 4 matches to become accustomed to his play and the lag, though. I usually play against people on the west coast though and our connection is not that bad. Againt JR though, It’s always an orange connection.

I guess our broadbands don’t like each other!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just wondering. I’ve never really liked JR’s style, I think he does WAYYYY too many resets and I like seeing a solid Akuma rather than a reset happy one. That being said, is it hard to beat him even if you shutdown his reset game?
(Nothing against J.R btw, he places higher in tourneys than I ever would. I’m talking about his play-style)

You would think so just by looking at him play… But the truth is that he has so many setups that it’s hard to keep track of everything. Even without resets, he’s just capable of so many things during a match that often you get overwhelmed. You have to be pretty good at the game if you want to keep up with him. I know ShinAkuma204 has played with him a few times and JR still gives him a run for his money. And Shin’s Akuma is really good…

The thing is, also, that JR doesn’t care what people think. He plays the game the way he likes to play it, and, you’d be forced to admit, it does work for him. On the flip side, he doesn’t judge his opponents. He’ll never scoff at you for being a beginner or for doing things that others may tell you shouldn’t be doing. At the end of every set, he thanks you for playing him and invites you to play him again some other time.

The guy’s got class, no matter what you think of his play style.

I fell for his lk tatsu into st hp demon flip throw reset a bunch of times, he’s really good. I will agree he does have class after shutting me out he still sent me a thanks for gg’s or something like that , made me feel better about losing

Yeah as I said, I have nothing against him. I respect him for placing high and using Akuma in a different way, but I was just wondering if you could shut down his resets, would he still be good. And I’m sure he’s a really nice guy, as I said I was just talking about his play style.

To be fair, you wouldnt fall for it nearly as many times if the cross country internet connection wasnt so bad

Like I said, he’s not all about gimmicks, but that’s his strong point. I’ve seen him play really solid, but let’s face it, he’s at his best when he’s causing havoc in his opponent’s mind. It just wouldn’t be JR without the shenanigans. As to if you could shut down his resets, IF you could, he’d still probably beat you because, as I said, he’s got many more setups to get in on you.

I’ve seen many people think they could beat JR only to get destroyed.

It’s not always bad. I guess it depends on both connection meshing with each other.