Good anchor with a frank west team



currently im using Skrull/Frank/Strider or Ammy, i use Skrull to try to dhc frank in to level him up to lvl 5 and i love it! im having trouble deciding an anchor for the team though. i like strider because his vajra assist is very helpful to swat air mobile characters out for frank and for a level 3 xfactor + ouroboros to finish the battle. With Ammy i can tag her back in and try to dhc frank to level 4 if he hasnt been leveled up or use her as an anchor and use her cold star assist. having trouble deciding. what do u guys think would be the better choice?



Ammy gives you multiple options for a level up backup plan and a team super with Frank on point that actually makes him a threat and gets him levels. Strider while being a great assist and a fantastic anchor does not provide the same level of backup plan for levelling Frank and low level Frank is poor at capitalising off Strider anyway.


I think Ammy may just be the best Frank team mate anchor wise


Take this with some caution because I haven’t had time to play lately, but…

I agree with the general advice here; Amaterasu is a good choice. In addition, Skrull or Nova might be what you’re after though they have some troubling matchups. You already have Skrull on point though so if you don’t want him in back, Amaterasu is a good choice.

Again, take the rest of that with caution; I’m primarily +1’ing the Amaterasu suggestion and hoping my other remarks are useful food for thought.


Ammy or Dante. Sometime Sentinel is good with Frank.


I use doom.
Just cuz he’s top tier xD
and you can easily get lvl4 frank in 1 combo with finger lasers special