Good anti-hulk strats?

I have a friend who’s a decent hulk. What are some good anti-hulk strats?

It seems like once he gets me off a jumping S or waiting to punish me with a launcher, i end up eating a shit load of dmg.

block and punish his normals, zone him out

if he calls assist to cover his block string, make him afraid to do that with a lv 3 hyper

Whiff L in from of him, empty jump or double jump and bait a H or Gamma charge, Block and punish.
If you block anything hulk does, he is punishable so do safe stuff and wait him to kill himself.

Just zone or teleport in with assist coverage for fast combos. Take advantage of Hulk’s lack of mobility and speed, shouldn’t be TOO hard. You’re eating huge damage combos because frankly, that’s all Hulk can do

bait assist and punish hulk and assist together, make him rethink using his assist to get in on you if u do dat its a game a hulk thats afraid to use assist might aswell be standing there asking to get raped