Good arcade stick for ps3 (MVC2)

is there an arcade stick that can maximize my performance for this game on ps3?

on a side note i heard that a happ joystick is better for MVC2 because it has a stiffer spring allowing it to return to neutral faster. which is apperently important, i don’t know myself.

Yeah, Happs are what is usually recommended for Marvel. Of course, the only way to get one is to get a custom build.

wouldn’t adding a stiffer spring to a JLF or LS-32 have the same effect?

It would have a similiar effect, yes. The JLW is also a good choice for this as it comes with quite a stiff spring stock.

I haven’t used a JLW, but from my experience, a Seimitsu LS-56 with an octogate and a bat top is the closest thing to a Happ you’ll get from Japanese parts.

Is there a stick i could buy that has a Happ stick? I dont really want to go through all the trouble of modding.

I would get the blue or green one.

This is as close as I could find. You don’t have to make the stick, but you will need to buy an assembled Cthulhu PCB from and usb cable to wire them. If you don’t mind screwing in 12 screws and plugging in the usb cable, the modding work is minimal.

You basically take the white euro terminal strip out and screw the wires into the cthulhu that comes with the documentation for the buttons.