Good Arcade stick for PS3?


Hey guys, with SF4 comin out in just a couple months, I’m starting to look for a decent - Good arcade stick for the PS3. I was wondering if anyone knows if Capcom (or some other company) are going to release an SF4 arcade stick or something, and if not, which arcade stick would be good to get that isn’t too TOO expensive?

I currently have that special soul calibur arcade stick for my PS2 back in my 3s days and I found that one to be pretty decent actually… but I wanna look for a new one. Any suggestions would be appreciated!



When do those come out? Ideally I wanna get one by the time Street Fighter HD comes out…


I’m thinking of grabbing a Hori.


Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 is okay IMO. I don’t like the plastic base but for a fighting stick that’s affordable (under 100 bones), it’s not a bad investment.

So, I heard Hori will make SFIV sticks in Japan while MadCatz will make the US sticks. Hopefully one of these will be good.


It will be better for you to wait for the Madcats arcade sticks. And get the tounament edition one, it has real arcade parts already. That’s what Markman said.


dragon, any word on release? and i’m assuming these aren’t the same as the ones capcom is releasing? i’m mainly looking for the two rows of four buttons to make it easier to pull of ultras (as if they aren’t easy enough already). man…i really don’t feel like buying wii joysticks for TvC :frowning:


Is the PS3 Fighting Stick 3 actually good for this game btw ?


I have the Fighting Stick 3, and it’s decent. Keep in mind that it has a square gate and convex buttons. If you hate either I would not suggest getting it. Also, the buttons have kind of a weird arch to them. I have to remap the controller to make it comfortable. L1 and L2 are the buttons to the farthest left, so I use them as LP and LK and disable R1 and R2 on the far right.


I hate the hori after using it in SFC.
There is that mayflash ps2 ps3 pc arcade stick, anyone know if it’s good?
I keep seeing it everywhere.
Of course the custom sticks are the best but they cost a bungalow of money.

I tried the madcatz stick at SFC, it’s the bomb.


From what I’ve heard the Mayflash is sub Fighting Stick 3 quality, but it has a nice case and is easily moddable so that’s why most people get it.



I will be getting Mad Catz ones probally.


The Madcatz sticks should be coming out the same time as SF4, which is around February 2009. I’m not too sure about the Hori’s.


Does anybody know anything about the regular Hori Pro 3. I also want to get a stick and I want to get one as soon as possible for Super Turbo HD.

I was thinking about buying this one…

All thanks in advance.


don’t buy that pos if you don’t want to mod it. I had a fs3 and they suck, period.


got a question (and i don’t want to make a new topic), how’s the pcb in the mayflash? does it lag? is it small? i’m thinking about getting the 360 madcatz tournament stick and putting the mayflash pcb with it (for full console support basically) and i want to know if it lags and if it’ll fit


hey epy0nkaru I was thinking about doing the same thing, I see you posted this a year ago did you go throught with it?

If so how does it work and did you use the DPDT switch method: