Good arcades in california for 3rd strike?


I’ve been to James Games, are there any other arcades that have 3S cabinets in Cali?


Don’s arcade in the thread directly below this one, wherever they play those boiler room sets, Sunnyvale Golfland should still have one, and Gamecenter in Belmont are the ones I know of.


I suppose James Games is the best out of all of them. Probably just gonna go there.


I live in vista ca and i play sf3 at boomers i been trying to find people that play sf3 around my area i know a few of them but i want to play new people the arcade at boomers its perfect plus they have mvc and mvc 2 sf2 and 3rd strike theirs always someone good to play with there but not alot of peolpe at once


Wow someone actually plays at Boomers? I went there like 5 years ago. My good buddy lives like 1 minute away. I’ll hit him up.


When do you or other people play here? I played here a lot a few years ago and can walk to boomers from my house. Post up whenever you go to play and I’ll come through


Hey guys if u ever want to play u can text me n we can go a few rounds 7602137748 my name is tommy btw


when is the best day/time to go to james games?


Thursday/friday night from what i’ve heard from the casuals, I was only there for 2 weeks I wish I lived in Cali.