Good arcades in Germany?

anyone who knows the country post up the good arcades there, im making a trip there in august and i kinda want to see some european players as well as their nifty cabinets.

Unfortunately there are no decent arcades in Germany, everybody is a console warrior there. But there’s a tourney in August in Berlin if you’re interested, you can find further information on and German Beat’em Up forum, if you’re searching for players in a specific region it’s best to ask there).

Good players are lokated in Stuttgart, Mannheim and Hamburg(though they are more SNK players).

where in germany are u gonna be?

im in frankfurt right now and im looking for some comp so if u play ggxx then let me know and we can figure something out…thats for anyone else interested also

hermmm, NO ARCADES?!?!?! damn doode, id love to play in that tournament though, it looks cheap.

I am more of a capcom player so i guess if there are ANY arcades with capcom games over in the germany i would be satisfied.

edit: imma be all over germany and i do play a little ggxx, but im not very good =/

Hey, I’m going to that tourney to, what games do you play? I’m a 3rd strike player.

mostley cvs2 and TTT, but because i live in socal during the school year, i also picked up some 3s, then i play very little mvc2, ggxx, t4, and sc2.

Oh you won’t be disapointed with the CvS2 scene, the Stuttgarters(which will be present at the tourney) basically rule the whole german speaking CVS2 scene. There also good GGXX players(or so I hear, I don’t play it) and VF4 I think. In 3rd Strike there are only a few good players but they can give you trouble if you aren’t careful. The rest … sadly nobody plays mvc2 here.

[edit: then there is the crew of tekken austria(one of them has won the german(!) national tourny) but I don’t know if they’ll attend.]

hey yooo, it looks like ill make it to saturday and maybe friday of this event, i think i need to send an email to someone or something but i only got 3 minutes left at this cafe. btw your keyboards are gay because the z and the y are switched. kthx!!

check your PM.


thanks chunli1

well it looks like ill only be able to make it to friday of this event, and not saturday, so i wont be able to compete. Will there be any casual play at this place? what kind of place is this anyway? what time does the event start? thanks for any help in advance.