Good arcades in Las Vegas


I’m heading to Vegas on business pretty soon. I expect to have some downtime, but I don’t gamble. I do, however, play fighting games. Are there any specific arcades I should visit? I did a quick search on Google and found Game Nest, which looks promising. Any recommendations beyond that?



Arcades don’t really exist out here. Best bet is PSG and Gameworks.


Ah, that’s disappointing. Thanks for the suggestions, though. I will check those out.


Ya I read the earlier post in March but right now where’s in Vegas are the good places to play Street Fighter. Any kind: SF5, SF4, 3S, or Super Turbo.

Where are the spots?


Right now, the one spot is Press Star Gaming,

the center is located here


Down the street from UNLV and adjacent to the Pinball Hall of Fame, they moved from further out S. Fort Apache area.

Tournaments are usually held Tuesday/Thursday with Lock-In events 1st and final Friday of the month.


Thanks. Good to know next time I’m in town.


Current List of Arcades/Game Centers in Las Vegas:
-Press Start Gaming Center*
-Power Up Gaming*
-Game Nest*
-Pinball Hall of Fame
-Freemont Arcade
-Downtown Grand eSports*
-PVP Zone
-The Orleans Arcade
-Hi Scores Bar-Arcade
-Reboot Game Lounge
-Dave & Busters
-UNLV Student Union Game Room
-Gorilla Cafe

Anything with a * is where you will find FG comp. Your best bet is Press Start Gaming Center tho. They have weekly casuals on Wednesday nights and weekly/biweekly tournaments.