Good article on Evo history and evo2k8 recap


I don’t recall seeing this article posted on SRK. I can’t paste the entire thing but it was great coverage for evo 2k8 with lots of pics. They didn’t portray the players as nerds. I’m guessing the author is a member of this site.

comment about the potter toan money match

in captions: “A huge crowd gathered to watch these two youngsters battle in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.”


No man, there’s no way: the guy put up a picture of an UNMODDED Hori Fighting Stick 2! :looney:

In all seriousness though I’m 99% sure you’re right. At any rate, he knows his stuff and his name is suuuper familiar. (I could be crazy though. Actually, that is a very distinct possibility.)


this is pretty poorly written and loaded with (ridiculous) factual inaccuracies. 3s has infinite juggles and every top player only uses ken, ryu and chun, lol.


Ah, busted. I just skimmed the first page and noticed he got the B tournaments in correct chronological order. :clown:


That was a nice article. It gave me the same feeling of inspiration I got when I saw Bang the Machine at last year’s evo.