Good articles on Scrubs

i just found it interesting and occasionally funny.

A very good article!



I remember reading that article like, 2002 ish

i remember when he first posted it

Still a great article, and I still have to use the link to this article at times for people who have not grasped the concept yet.

having never seen this article i thought it was pretty good, gonna look for more terms now.

in 2002 i WAS a scrub lol. i could have used it back then.

Oh yeah I was right next to him as he was typing it!!!..seriously you guys are fags. Who gives a shit its old move on.

I tend to agree

Even if it’s old it’s still well put, and Sirlin has been one of the best spoken advocates of this game genre, the fact that his articles are still circulating the net, and still hold valid is a great thing for anybody that was part of the fight scene back then, and great words of wisdom for those picked it up later on.