Good assists for Dormammu



I really like my team, but I’m having some trouble keeping or even starting momentum. I just lose horribly. Is there any tech involving Dormammu/Akuma and Dormammu/Wesker mix-ups that anyone could refer me to?


Akuma and Wesker are two excellent assist for Dorm. I play a mainly rush down dorm myself and you can use the Wesker samurai edge assist in combination with some insta overheads or tri jump mix ups to open up a opponent, though I would recommend saving Wesker’s assist for a otg combo extender. Here’s a vid of MastaCJ using Wesker as a combo extender.

Akuma’s tatsu assist can be a good get off me move to use for spacing since it has a lot of priority and blows through many things. Also you can call the Akuma assist and teleport behind them for almost double mix up since both of dorms tracking teleports will put him above the opponent allowing Akuma to push the character past Dorm to the other side. The timing and spacing for it is pretty specific, but if you can get it down in practice mode and hit confirm from it, it is a lethal mix up.

If you are losing horribly I would practice your air dashing, bnb’s, and also mix ups on incoming characters. Flame carpet is a good way to lock down a incoming character for a high low mix up. Also try and use some dark spells if you aren’t already. They are a really dynamic way to extend your combos and they build a lot of meter for you. They have a lot of swag as well haha.


Akuma also works as an OTG extender too. Flame Carpet -> Tatsu -> Chaotic Flame.

And yes, use Dark Spells. Definitely charge up for 2D1C for Dorm rushdown. One of the best defensive moves in the game against teleporters/rushdown, plus you can call Wesker to OTG after it hits the opponent because of the hard knockdown.