Good at Photoshop..?

if anybody is good at photoshop or other programs like it, it would be nice if they could make a signatur for a forum me, it’s gotta be 750 x 350 pixels the text shall be CHUCKY and alot of pics of Hollywood Hogan (when he was bad guy in WCW) should be around it

thx in advance…!

(pls. send me a PM or reply in this thread)

:tup: :tup:

750x350? Hogan? Another board?

Fuck everything about this :rock:



i was gonna help you till i saw it said hogan…get the fuck outta here…go down to image mishmash

lol no love for hogan…?

Chucky who are you??? Do you play 3s?

I just noticed you are from CPH, DK like I am!!!

hey man, tjeck out, lots of SF and GG fans there as well.

i live in cph btw.

Great thankz. Signed up and all. Hope to find some decent comp there for 3s.

I live in cph as well :smiley:

nice, hope to see you at the next gamenight in DK then…:smile: :smile: