Good Back Up Character To Ryu?

Hi , I’m beginning to play street fighter more seriously , ordered an Arcade Stick etc… And my main is Ryu , however I would like a good back up character that covers his weakness , I really dont mind what type of character they are (charge etc…), but one that covers his weaknesses. Thanks in advance :smiley:
P.s. Sorry if theres already a thread.

You don’t actually need a backup to play Ryu - all his matchups are winnable, and none of the disadvantages very steep. There also isn’t a singular solid hard counterpick to his troublesome matchups - namely Fei, Adon, Rose, Cammy, though Balrog might work as a way to even the scales. Even then, it’s a question of if your secondary Balrog is good enough for an opponent maining the aforementioned characters. He isn’t disadvantaged vs. any one of those, but only has a proper advantage vs. Cammy.

Okay , thanks bro! :slight_smile:

The lack of a heavy disadvantage doesn’t mean a matchup can’t be stupid, though - Fei and Adon for example are a case of them trying to do the same thing as you, only better (in this matchup). Adon especially requires the Ryu player to develop a good eye and reactions for stuffing random jaguar kicks - is a good button for that. If you can’t stuff Jag Kicks, you’ll just lose because Jag Kicks > Ryu.

Yun… <_<


Ok thanks!


(any character that can easily destroy his worst matchups : dalhim , balrog , adon)

Balrog isn’t especially bad for Ryu? Also, Rog is a bad matchup for Cammy so picking a Cammy alt to counter Balrog seems like a bad idea.

cammy has no bad matchups
her worst matchups are even matchups (zangief, guile,honda) …i didnt come up with this its what alioune sensei sayz

and yeah you;'re actually right balrog isnt THAT bad , he as bad as guile or dee jay …its a beatable matchup with good zooning patiance and good footsies … dalshim and adon are the only imposible ones , and cammy can take care of that

I never thought the dhalsim matchup was as bad as it is said to be until i played a really fucking good sim (granted he was was better than me fundamentaly) slide under fireball just seems to fucks everything up at long range and obviously sim wins mid range. At least with cody when i get close its rape cause of his stun and damage but maybe my ryu is rusty as shit since i havent used him in a while :/.

no your ryu is probably not rusty. its just , you cant beat dalshim with him

Ryu shares bad match ups with several of the cast, mostly because of Cammy and Fei Long.

Fei and dhalsim arent that bad anymore, theyre probably 5-5. Those matches were horrible in super/ae but ryu’s buffs ( for vs fei, and fireball dmg buff for vs sim) combined with fei/sim nerfs have evened things out. If you still think those matches are bad in 2012 you need to work on your footsies

Adon is ryu’s worst matchup by far. Thats easily 4-6 if not 3-7. Id recommend honda as a secondary because all you have to learn is cr.lp -> hands and youll be good enough to counterpick

<p>No way Dhalsim vs Ryu is 5-5. Its in Sims favour not massively, but something like 6-4.</p><p>I never found Adons too much of a problem, hes fast Il give you that :D</p><p>Balrog is a hard matchup for Ryu if the Rog player is good and knows what hes doing.</p><p>My 4 hardest matchups:</p><p>Balrog</p><p>M Bison</p><p>Dhalsim</p><p>Guile</p><p>What are everyone elses ?</p>

My hardest matchups - Guile , Dhalsim , and i dont know , i’m a low level player so i dont face many good players … But mostly people that can get past his fireballs with ease and out poke give me trouble

The best choice is cammy.<br><br>Btw, M Bison is a heaven matchup for Ryu and Deejay is one of the hardest for sure.<br>

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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/27393/DashProF">DashProF</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>The best choice is cammy.<br><br>Btw, M Bison is a heaven matchup for Ryu and Deejay is one of the hardest for sure.<br></div>

<p><br></p><p>Well M.Bison is 5-5 only offline. </p><p>Online you have to have super reactions with Ryu if the Bison player is good 4000PP+. </p><p>Its like fighting Blanka the matchup changes a lot depending on connection. </p>

Hmmm Laggy Hakan top tiers ? lol, no sry but i don’t speak for lagfull matches of course.<br>

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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/27393/DashProF">DashProF</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Hmmm Laggy Hakan top tiers ? lol, no sry but i don’t speak for lagfull matches of course.<br></div>

Youd be surprised how the setup at home is laggy when compared to the arcade version with CRT (which Ive played a lot) and characters behave differently. So even a green<br></p><p>bar connection which you think has no lag is laggy… but I think the right word is “high latency” but most people on SRK say lag.</p>