GOOD & BAD Black Cosplay...because most are BAD!

I know there’s a few cosplay threads already, shaddup!:mad: Here’s the thread for the illusive black cosplayers…because some black people should just not even walk out of their houses with that shit on, and some can really pull it off :slight_smile: Post the good, the bad, and the ugly here!!

Sailor Jupiter=GOOD

This guy=GOOD

This negro=GOOD


You should add Black Superman from Soulja Boy’s vid too.

This is the most unnecessary thread ever.

Jupiter is my favorite…

:rofl: Yeah, now I’m going to have to start a “Good & Bad Hispanic Cosplay” thread. Who wants to see me dressed as Bumblebee Man from the Simpsons?

:rofl: That costume takes 2 hours to put on. Anyways, we already have a “Good” and a “Bad” cosplay thread, no need for ones based on the cosplayers’ race… dood!


I’m sure there are others, but this thread = just as unnecessary.

Oh and +1

:rofl: good stuff

Post the pics in the other bad cosplay thread. thread closed.