Good/bad matchups for akuma

besides hugo and makoto. I’m sure chun is bad, ken etc… any body willing to delve further. necro and oro are pretty bad too i think.
can someone with some knowledge come in here and help me learn the matchups?

Thanks guys,

anyone who can deliver any sort of stun = baaaaad

Hugo isnt bad at all btw. The match is in akuma’s favor by FAR. Alex- now that is a match you dont want to play. Top tiers can and will tear that shit up.

Good matches at the top of my head- dudley sorta(sortaaa), hugo, urien(hurricane kicks should own him good)

he has bad matchups against almost everyone in some respect, but overall you can get around it if you’re careful about certain things:
Makoto - avoid the karakusa (duh)
Alex - srk will out prioritize almost all of his pokes, so use that when they rush you. If you’re not very sure, teleport away. His rushes almost always begin with jump-ins, so use air hurricanes. Always be ready to block the ex shoulder charge - and learn the timing to punish it with - whatever you like.
Hugo - turtle akuma is the way mostly. Abuse the teleports, but NOT when they have super meter. In that situation, try and use air hurricanes to retreat. Use demon flips, uoh and (sparingly) hurricanes in your rushdown as that will make them think twice before trying 360s
Oro - dont try and outpoke him. If they knock you down, crouching block on wakeup is your best bet. When they jump, get ready to use air hurricanes to juggle them IF they go for the second jump. If you see them charging for the fireball, jump in with air parries at the ready.
Necro - rush him down and dont take it easy. If you’re in the corner, teleport/air hurricane out. Necro uses a lot of aerial attacks, so air hurricanes again. Learn his body language for the overheads, as they can end up stunning you quite quickly.
Chun - abuse the demon flip. Dont use fireballs when she has sa meter.
Remy - spam the air fireballs.
I think with anyone else you can play normally and not be too pre-occupied with specific strategies.

I play Necro and I’d say not to use demon flips too much. His b+fierce will either hit clean or trade with dive kicks, at which point he’s usually free to land a db+fierce. I can’t really think of any good counter-pressure off the top of my head against tatsumakis besides red-parrying or waiting for Akuma to mess up.

I’d say this match is pretty favorable for Akuma,just watch out for ES.

some characters can just crouch and blue parry tatsumakis, both oro and necro can i think. maybe not necro but oro for sure.

anyways, turtle akuma and rushdown akuma are two completely different characters. necro is good against rushdown akuma but bad against turtle akuma. chun li is good against tur… actually chun li rapes both akuma


what should akuma do against a good ken. the guy i play in local tournies is shinryux he’s really good. mind games adn execution ar top notch. he got 5th at final round this year.

I would suggest you not use tatsumaki (air or ground) too much against Alex. Alex’s f.hp will smack you out of the air one if he times it right, and his EX Air Knee Smash can take you right out of a ground one (maybe air too, but I haven’t tried it). Don’t throw too many 3-hit fireballs either; he’ll stomp you.

Akuma’s only really bad matchups are against Dudley (7.5 - 2.5) and Makoto (6.5 - 3.5), cause he just gets stunned that damn quick. (and taking into account Mako’s easy as hell TOD combo. He can handle the three top-tiers pretty well, they’ll be something like 6-4 at most.

Akuma RAPES Hugo. Hugo has no chance against a good Akuma. He has nothing to get around the air fireball pressure, has no kara-throw, gets out prioritized when it comes to poking. Gigas means nothing if you can’t land it.

Akuma beats up Urien pretty well too. He just kara throws the shit out of him. Urien can’t do anything useful after a blocked mk/hk hurricane kick other than parry, so you just just repeat the hurricane kick. Theres a trap thats really hard to get out of once you mix it up. Plus Aegis unblockables all go to hell because of reversal teleport. Just don’t get hit by an AA fireball cause that’s like 60% gone right there.

wow i did not know the dudley match up was THAT bad. I usually enjoy playing dudleys simply because of low roundhouse and l.forward -> hurricane picking up crouchers. But ofcourse cant give dudley even a second otherwise its over. so yeah i guess that makes sense.

yeah dudley is a monster if you let him get in. he is a great character when used right. too much stun on akuma. don’t spam fireballs against him. unless air but that’s still risky.

dudley has troubles against shotos in general. mostly because crouching mk and ryu/akuma’s standing roundhouses.

dudley:akuma aint 7.5:2.5 in my opinion

he still has an edge over akuma, but its more like a 6/4 edge

And don’t forget that he can’t duck under Akuma’s hurricane. The edge is very slight, either 6:4 or 5.5:4.5. Me and our best Dudley have a pretty even record over the course of a couple hundred matches, but I know that if you look at sheer damage potential, Dudley should have an edge, so I won’t say it’s totally even.

its similar to the hugo deal. If hugo can do anything, he will do it big. except its WAY easier for dudley to get in on akuma than hugo.

So how does Urien fare against Akuma? I find myself getting rushed down by Akuma and I have no way to stop it. I keep getting knocked down and the guy always does cr.normals, s. normals and throws. He varies it so much that I can’t predict which one he’ll do. Plus he does stuff like, uoh. He’s not really that good but I REALLY suck so any tips on how to beat an Akuma?

Akuma >>>> Aegis Reflector Urien
Tyrant Slaughter Urien >>>> Akuma

with urien use ur long ass pokes to zone him and watch out for jump in hk. really learn to parry hur. kicks. keep working on mind games it’s the key to success in 3s lol. if i had good mind games my akuma would be a monster lol. oh and execution with urien on akuma can kill him, if u can do alot of tackles and headbutts to get in range to throw it’ll slow him down. i play a good urien all the time and he gives me problems b/c i know if i mess up i’m eating a huge juggle.

Okay I just played this pretty good Akuma with Urien. He escaped my midscreen unblockable with his stupid teleport >_<. How’s tyrant slaughter Urien better against Akuma though? I don’t know how to use that super lol. Akuma also does hurricane kicks that I block but I don’t know how to punish it because I’m afraid to eat a dp. Should I try cr.fierce or throw or what?
Plus at fullscreen he throws a red fireball, then air fireball then Sometimes he mixes it up with dive kicks and occasionally that dp + k grab throw. I think it’s hard as hell to fight Akuma with Urien. Should I just use Ken instead for Akuma lol?

If you play Ken, then use Ken against Akuma lol

how to Tyrant Slaugther akuma? Reversal his hurricane kicks ^^

chances are, he won’t even hurricane kick you if you choose tyrant slaughter. so how are you going to use it then? right? well but then if you didn’t choose tyrant slaughter, you can’t deal with hurricane kicks! OMFGHAX!!

play ken.

what should he do against chun. what can he abuse?

Against chun-li the air game is everyting.reason bein chun-li has one of the best ground game is 3s so u know what thst means level jumpins(but mix up accordinly) and dive kicks(mix up).Also mix up with fireballs and punish accordin ie in to whatever you like to do from there.
As for what to abuse and how to abuse it I will give you a full detail soon.