Good/bad matchups



i’m just wondering who hibiki does good and bad against.

i’d imagine she does well against e. honda because she can punish his headbutt. doesn’t she die to vega pretty badly? what about the cammy, blanka, and sagat?



When I fight Vega, I go for some damage, then once you have more life go into super turtle mode.


Good matchups: Blanka, shotos, Honda
Bad matchups: Bison, Cammy Vega


I think I can see how that’s true, if Cammy, Bison, Blanka, and esp. Vega are all over the place and it’s hard for Hibiki to deal with their speed.

Does anyone know about other good or common opponents, such as Iori, Yamazaki, Chun, Guile, or Dhalsim? I’m starting to dig Hibiki a lot, so I’m very curious!

I’m afraid this game has what some would call “counter-characters”, though it might be arguable that all fighting games have that.


Iori and Sakura are the most common characters who beat Hibiki. There are a few more too, but they’re secret… :lol:


Hibiki’s bad matches aren’t necessarly anyone who can punish her slice, just don’t slice. For instance, versus Bison everyone know he can punish her slash, but her c.fp stuffs alot of his moves. Hibiki can beat many of her counter chrs. by just using her normals and playing smart. It’s not even all that hard, her normals are just so damn good. Hibiki mainly dies to low jump that her c.fp and s.fp can’t beat or beat cleanly, ex: Vega, Balrog, Blanka. Hibiki is anti-Blanka for instance right? Well a turtle Blanka with a low jump can really f*ck up Hibiki, but if Blanka has no low jump he’s screwed. Against ground fireballs, just RC through it or use her deadly rave. Otherwise jump straight up, low jump if you have it. I use Hibiki against Sakuras all the time and win 90% of the time, same against Bisons. Hibiki has the potential to beat anyone, even if she loses her B&B. Just remember that just because you lose her slash does not mean you can’t win.


bad: cammy, vega, bison, rolento

good: sagat, blanka, chun li