Good base stick (PS3) for Happ overhaul?

I’m looking to build a full US-style arcade stick with Happ parts. What I need is a nice big cab (preferably solderless connections) and PCB (for PC/PS3) to start with since I’m not planning to replace those. Are there any sticks out there that would make a good starting point?

Qanba Fightstick. line-up reminds me of old school American style cabs if that’s the type you’re asking about.
Not the Q2 or Q3. The FS comes in no name parts(I believe buttons are quick disconnects but needs a bit of work for the stick) while the Sanwa version for extra $40 might come with QD for everything…

Other than Qanba and Saulabi(Korean brand with same case design), everything else is a “box” type.