Good beginner/intro vids for MK9

What are some recommended MK9 vids? I’m getting the game later this week, and I love in the middle of nowhere, so vids are what I’ve got.


YT channels: MKONLINE, AfterDarkGaming

check out Sebs new Some gdlk MK9 tournament footage uploaded there.
also check out Gootecks and Mike Ross’s inKredible adventures

Lastly if you have an android or iphone, go get the mk9 reference guide in the market.

Thanks for this. Never knew about that site. I’ll also check out that MK9 guide on my phone.

Behrudy does some amazing MK9 vids, and his tutorial is amazing for beginners:

Helped me alot when I started. It goes through all the basic game systems, ann how to create some combos.