Good beginner team for me?

I am having a small tournament with friends soon in this game, theres only gonna be like 8 of us, and most of them will just be button mashing on a game they have never played before. A few of them are good at fighting games in general (mostly mvc3 and sf4) but im wondering what would be a good team for me to win this?

I am practicing using the ps2 version, kof xi and we are probably actually going to be playing XII in the tournament cuz none of us have XII. So im hoping to practice with a team in XI that i can also use in XII.

I am okay playing offensively or defensively. If it helps I like to play marth in smash bros melee and brawl, and chun li in sf4. I tend to like more offensive characters with good pokes and range on attacks.

Here is a graph that AS Reynalds (winner of evo) made.