Good buy or not?


Ive been bidding on a Madcatz TE RD 1 stick over the week on Ebay. I set my highest bid at a hundred. I figured if it got over a hundred I might as well spend the extra money and buy a new one. HaHa well it got over so I went out shopping yesterday to find a stick. Went to like 3 or 4 different places and couldnt find one anywhere? (Due to the release of MvsC3 am sure) So I came home and jumped online. After I searched a few places I found a new HRAP EX for hundred bucks. Ive heard that the hori buttons that come in this stick are horrible but this stick is just for causal play at home its not like am going to EVO anytime soon lol. I figured the hori buttons got to be better than the madcatz buttons that come in the standard madcatz stick and if I do decide on stepping my game up I can always switch the buttons out for sanwa.


You should check the trading outlet on this forum I see people selling TE’s for around $70 also I know newegg had the newer version of the Hrap The Hrap v3 for $99 with free shipping and that has all sanwa buttons but Im not sure if they still have it in stock but that is for PS3


On the Mad Catz SE, the buttons suck, on the TE they use actual Sanwa buttons, so they are good.
With 2 exceptions the Mad Catz SE is pretty much out of production, the gameshark store is selling only their remaining stock of Street Fighter SE sticks.
The Remaining versions of the SE in production is the Tatsunoko VS. Capcom Arcade stick for the Wii and there wrestle stick
You can always mod the Hori EX to have Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons


I recommend sticking it out (get it?) for a TE or similar all-Sanwa stick. Nothing will match the value of getting the sanwa joystick and buttons with the stick. Any modding you do to any other stick will generally cost you $50 or more + the labor involved.

I agree with watching the trading outlet. You can get a used SE with sanwa parts usually pretty cheap. If you want the heftier and more solid (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) TE size, even I have one up for sale right now. There should be plenty out there.


There’s also the WWE ones which have the same upgraded parts (and Omron miscroswitches similar to the ones on a JLF) as the Wii TvC stick.