Good Bye Arcade Infinity, Thnks fr th Mmrs ARCADE EDITION Tournament 2/20

AI was temporarily saved by the owners of Diamond Plaza during the fateful week of 1/15. However, long story short, the county has made an overriding decision and made AI file for a brand new business license, which would keep AI unable to operate for nearly a year, and cost vast sums of money (for license renewal). The owners of AI has decided to permanently close down with 2/26 as its last day of operation, albeit having invested back into many brand new games since 1/15.

With that said, there ARE 2 AE setups right now… So:

This is the last time (FOR REALS) you will get to experience the OG-Triple-OG, longest-running, the most hype tournament action at AI.

Shoo probably won’t show up but he’s always there in my heart. Homoness.

** *** Good Bye Arcade Infinity, Thnks fr th Mmrs SSF4 Arcade Edition Singles Tournament *****

Arcade Infinity
1380 S. Fullerton Rd. #206
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(Just above the staircase all the way inside Diamond Plaza off the 60 @ Fullerton Rd. exit)

**Schedule: **
Sunday, February 20
Registration & Fee Collection 1:30pm, Tournament 2:30pm
Tourney will start promptly at 2:30pm. Please arrive ahead of time if you need warm-up games.
**BE ON TIME! **
If you?re not present when your name is called, you?re liable for disqualification.

**Register: **
Pre-reg on this thread to reserve your spot, and in-person registration & fee collection will take place at 1:30pm. There is a 64-man cap on this tournament – although I’d like to let everyone play, 2 arcade setups with 64 people will already take a while, there’s no helping it.

Entry fee:
$6 to the pot + $4 venue fee = $10 to enter

  • :party: For the duration of the tournament, inserting tokens will be mandatory, WIN OR LOSE. 1-token 1-play. :party:*
    Payout is the standard 70/20/10 for top 3 placers.

Basically EVO Ruleset.

  1.  2 out of 3 rounds, 99-second rounds
  2.  Double-elimination, 2 out of 3 sets for both Winners & Losers Bracket; 3 out of 5 sets for Grand Finals. Losers finalist must win two sets against Winners finalist, while Winners finalist only needs to win one
  3.  Only loser may switch characters; however, you may change your Ultra at any time
  4. ATTENTION: Evil Ryu and Oni are banned – not because they’re OP, but direct feed recording will take place for top 8 and we can’t have the videos or the AI YouTube account taken down. DO NOT PICK THEM FROM THE BIG SETUP!

**Seeding: **
Top placers from previous tournaments at AI will be seeded. This is final and you may NOT ask the bracket runners for seeding (aka DJ Vest) or risk PERMABAN from all events run in whole or in part by Shoo, DJ Divine, or other affiliates.

PM me.


Pre-registered players:

DJ Divine
Blockbuster Jon
Shoryu Reppa
Broken Yozeff
XSK Samurai
Hawk Sauce
Mike Chow
E.G. Justin Wong
Alex C.


Must do better this time.

put me down Chris.

MvC3 tourny also???

ssf4 only. the big setup will have a locked select screen. top8 won’t need tokens, but the rest will be pay-to-play.

3s may run a side tourney if you remember how to set the machine on event mode…

can you sign me up please.

Sign. Me. Up.

I’ll try and make it

I’m in! Can’t wait. Might show up really early.

I like Purple

onegai shimasu

Please give me one reason on why I wouldn’t show up.

Chris! Count me in. :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m in!

sign me up

put me down as TownHouse pls

I’ll be there!

Chris, sign me up!