Good cheap stock stick for PC?

Hey Ive been looking for some good cheap sticks for the PC and I probably wont mod it (because I dont think I can). Ive been looking at the Virtua Stick High Grade (But I think thats a bit too expensive, Play-Asia donest have any stock anymore and ebay-ing is about $170 AU I think). The Hori Fighting Stick Ex 2 is about $95 AU, which is probably a bit too much. The Mayflash USB seems to be a good price ($30) but I read some stuff that its really bad quality. If anyone can suggest a good stick thats a cheaper price or a Gamecube to PC controller adapter that would be great.


Hmmmm. I guess people will tell you even that Hori Fighting Stick Ex 2 sucks without modding…

i have an origianl EX, the son of a bitch had the buttons push contacts on the pcb…
not only does that feel like shit, but it responds like shit. you’re going to have to mod something


Well if I have to mod something, can I just buy any cheap stick and put in the buttons/stick? How much are the sticks/buttons usually?

And is it hard to mod stuff? What would I need to do it?

Generally, “good” and “cheap” don’t work together so well.

get the hrap3

Difficulty depends on the stick. Check the forums for threads on how to mod a certain stick. Horis and the Agetec (green goblin) are good for modding

Agreed, cheap and good is usually an oxymoron. He just means inexpensive tho.

tekken 5 or street fighter anniversary collection /w a Super Joy box 3 pro (neither stick is in production so get them used).

So the hrap3 for the ps3 also works on pc? Can the ps3 controller work on mame as well? Apologies for asking so many stupid questions.

Hey, noobie here.

Sorry to butt in like this, but this seemed relevant enough. Do any of you SRKers know anything about the Mayflash PC/PS2 stick?

Like, specifically whether or not it is modable? I know my way around electronics, so no worries there. I just don’t want to buy it if I’d be better off hacking my old PS1 pad. :bgrin:

Here’s a link if you need it:


nothing like that exsists you either shell out for a hrap3 or get a cheap and nasty stick or stick to pad/keyboard.

its like asking to buy a ferrari at the cost of a skateboard or banquet for the cost of a box of tictacs.

save your money and get a hrap.

Hmm…modded sticks are usually better than stock ones right? So would the cheapest option (and maybe best?) be to get a Mayflash/Elecom and mod it?

If you’re planning to mod your stick and you don’t mind it looking retarded or anything, you could actually build it from scratch using a cardboard box. :rofl: Several people have done this before and have actually had very good results. Of course it won’t be exactly as sturdy as a normal stick but if you’re careful with it you’ll be fine. It’s also much cheaper and easier than making a stick out of wood/getting and modding a stock stick.

Lol when I say mod I suppose I mean doing the bare minimum. I have pretty much no experience with this kind of stuff so I wanna do something easy first, then maybe slowly work my way up to finally making my own stick.

If you want bare minimum, go with a HRAP 3, since all you will need to do is remove the top panel, pop off some quick disconnects, pop out the crap buttons, insert new buttons, put quick disconnects on new buttons, close top panel, done. Green Goblins etc are great, but you’ll need to solder up your own PCB, or order one pre-hacked from Hozie or James123.

SFAC doesn’t work with SJB3