Good Chun anti air normals?

I recently started using Chun and i’m getting a lil better with her but I can’t seem to find out what anti airs she has at her disposal.

I always seem “free” on jump ins specially from shoto characters and Boxer.

Now I know she has some nice normal AA’s but I just dont know how or when to use em properly.

Any tips with be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

vs shoto’s i would go for crouch strong and low forward, low forwards good because as they jump down you can lower your hit box and am sure chun has frame advantage on low forward so if it connects as an anti air you can combo afterwards.

or standing forward is a good general anti air, standing fierce is good but you have to have the spacing to avoid getting your anti air beat out clean or try DF short. us close standing fierce standing fierce and sweep vs boxer

I’ve had good luck with st.rh and c.rh at the right distances. c.strong is gdlk, too. Boxer is tricky though because if he’s doing that ghetto-ass low jump roundhouse, it’s a pain to react to quickly, and it leads into almighty damaging combos. So block and prepare for the throw/jabs if you think you don’t have enough time to react. I haven’t used it much myself but I think it’s down-forward LK? That weird flip. I’ve seen people use that and it seems pretty good.

There’s a thread for this already. Read this it’s in the first post. Trust me you don’t want to take advice from a guy who can’t anti air balrog (no offence).

Agree with this statement… But to be fair he can catch you still

I did read that actually efore I made the post he didnt talk about AA’s with her :frowning: I will admit I kinda just went through it fast though lol cuz I wasn’t seeing any AA options. I’ma go read the whole first post again.

I appreciate everyones responces so far. It’s so annoying having ryu jump in on me with hard kick all the damn time xD

St.hp catches all his jumpins clean. I’ve been caught but only when my timing was off.

Ok I re-read through it and I see them now xD So basically my main AA normal options are standing hardpunch (from the correct distance) crouchin med punch, crouchin hard kick, standing hardpunch (from close) and even crouchin hardpunch.

From these i’ve already implemented standing hardpucnh, crouchin med punch and the crouchin hard kick. I’m starting to get the hang of the distances in which these are usefull. I just need to keep practicing.

imo the first post in move list thread is somewhat dated. cr. mp is GDLK against shotos, boxer, and a lot of characters from even close range to long range. you don’t even need to time it well because of the active frames just eats everything up.

to the OP, better advice if you are free on jump in is to stay mid-range until you get your knock down and zone your opponent so that if they jump in on you, you will be comfortable with an anti-air normal. try cr. mp, and once you get comfortable with that you can use other options that may be more damaging.

Thanks. Ya cr. mp is pretty damn good. Now i’m not so free on jump ins. Well I wasn’t “free” to begin with I would block but still they were able to get in and apply presure on me so I wanted to know some AA’s so they wouldn’t presure me so much. Now they have to think twice before they jump in. I also notice that throwing a jab fireball and making people jump makes them eat a standing hard punch. Especially if they jump straight up.

Much appreciated guys.