Good Classic Controller Layout?

My 'cube controller is no longer usable, and in a panic for something, ANYTHING better than that shitty remote/nunchuck combo, I picked up a Classic Controller. Dear god, the default controls on that suck HORRIBLY.

Later on, I managed to make it slightly more bearable by swapping the functions of b and y (b now jumping, and y being special). However, since I left a as normals, and x as jump, I have to think about ‘which’ piano to use for the lagless stomp, and instant air Wizard’s Foot with Ganon…

Should I go ahead and swap x and a? The main goal was to move Special off that godawfully-placed b button, and that was accomplished. I have tap jump off, so the jump buttons have to feel as natural as possible.

The other scheme I envisioned would make y special and b normals, ala the 64’s layout, but I would lose my quickstomping abilities, which is NO GOOD.

Also, what to do about L, R, Z- and Z+? those Zs are a bitch to get to for grabbing with, and throwing items is a pain to boot. Maybe I’m just used to a GC controller.

Any other successful Classic users should feel free to post up and contribute your setups and how to get comfortable with the thing.

I used a CC until the wireless lag got me annoyed, but the layout I used was amazingly comfortable from Day 1. I wish I could plug the damn thing into the Wii so I could use a Wired CC. Oh well…

Attack - B
Jump - A and L (L for JCing certain things)
Special - Y
Grab - X and the two Zs (which I never use)
Shield - R
Move - L-stick
C-stick - R-stick
Taunt - D-pad

Reason this works well is because B and A are positioned similarly to A and X on the GCN controller, so jumping and attacking is easy to get used to. The Y button isn’t hard to get used to, either, despite its position differing a bit from the GCN’s B button.

Using X as Grab takes getting used to, though, but it’s better than relying on those little nubs they call Z buttons. I got so used to it that I set Y on the GCN controller to grab.

My setup, which took getting used to but works wonderfully:

B - Jump
A - Special
Y - Attack
X - Grab

L - Shield
R - Shield

Once I got used to it, it fit like a glove. I haven’t been looking for a GC controller since ^_^.

Why not just set it up like VF5 and DOA set things up?


The Y, you might want to set up as shield, just cuz that’s where the block button is on 3d fighting games. But having a jump on the face isn’t inadvisable.

I just use:


It seems like common sense to give jumping and shielding their own fingers. You shouldn’t have to rely on your thumb for everything but shielding that’s just innefficient.

I use:

B - Attack
A - Special
Y - Throw
X - Jump
L - Shield
R - Throw

It is really interesting to see everyone’s playstyle and preferences.

I like the jump button being close to the attack buttons personally, because I am very heavily oriented towards air-play (<3 Jigglypuff and Zelda) personally. It feels most comfortable to have them within quick access of eachother due to my hands.

I toyed around with swapping x and a, and I hated it. Back to the ‘yin-yang’ layout for me. I’d gotten used to it, and started to get decent with it.

I also agree with having jumps on the face. It’s a holdover from 64 and Melee, and why not?

For me, that setup allows the quickstomp and instant aerial Wizard’s Foot with a simple thumbroll and stick motion. These are definate good things for Ganon… >:3

I have no problem owning with the default cc layout in fact I like it better then even the gc controller.

Totally agree with changing jump to an index finger. Makes a bunch of stuff 10x easier, not that smash is all that execution heavy, but this definitely takes some work off the left thumb.

Also, is the classic lag really something I should worry about? Never noticed it when playing around on a classic controller, but i guess I’d rather not change my main controller to a classic controller and get all used to it and then find out it lags 3 frames.

I use:

B- Attack
A- Grab
X- Jump
L and R- Shield
Z- Jump

Right stick is usually Smash, but I have a second profile at home I use with some characters (most notably Lucas, Pokemon Trainer, and Jigglypuff) where the right-stick is Special instead.

I just use the standard Classic controller set up with Tap-up-jump off and Grab mapped to X

so Y is jump.

anyway to config d-pad to up,down,right,left?

when u switch your controller layout…does that change the inputs or advance tactics like DAC’s and such…z is my shield button and l and r are my grabs just wondering if i’ll be able to do then the traditional way or do i have to sub the buttons out… for example do i have to press the r button instead of the z b/c i switched my layout