Good Cody-ism?

I just gotten this game last week but this isn’t my first fighting game or street fighter.

I really want to start getting into cody. What is a good ism for cody


V-ISM makes Cody, period. With some characters, you can debate A or V, but with him, you need to learn VCs and you need his dodge to make up for his lack of footsies. In terms of the way he uses VCs, he’s probably the most versatile character in the game next to Karin. He can activate from range, activate off his dodge, he has great anti-air VCs, a guard crush VC in the corner, a jump-in unblockable, mid-screen CC infinite set-ups, and he can easily push any character without a reversal/meter in to the corner for a guard crush if need be.
As a showcase for what V-ISM is capable of, Cody’s a great mascot. You just have to learn to manage your defense carefully, because his guard meter is the smallest in the game on V.

Nibor’s Cody exhibition:

Some of the stuff is slightly outdated, but for the most part, it does a great job of showing you different set-ups/combos/situations. In terms of general advice, Cody’s greatest strengths are in the corner and when the opponent is waking up. His hop-kick allows you to set-up a lot of wake-up/cross-up mindgames and close distances quickly/safely, and his criminal upper can keep an opponent in the corner indefinitely provided they don’t have meter for an alpha counter. It also acts as a launcher for all his crouch cancel juggles.

For match videos, look for anything featuring VER.

noob question how the hell do I pick up codys knife? what buttons do I press?



IS that knife on the ground worth it to attempt to pick up or is it just there as Cody bait?

well you can always fake throw it.

QCF start

I’d say it’s sort of like Lei-Lei’s bomb super in Vampire Savior. Don’t use it unless you know you can make it work. I only use it for chip on rare occasions. I wouldn’t go out of my way to pick it up.

knife skill

there not a lot skill in useing the knife with cody only thing i could get out of it is lame mind games sorta simular to dudley ground mind the trick is once you get the knife keep throwing out c.lp to lure opponent in when he gets in close press if the opponent jumps use c.hp or hk to put the opponent back this works good when fighting juli.

yeah it’s not that good to pick up all of the time. but when you have an opportunity. DO IT. it keeps you spaced evenly.