Good Complimentary Character for Balrog (for bad matchups)



I have been looking for someone to fill Balrogs gaps in his matchups. I recall Guile/Chun Li and now it seems maybe DJ are some of his harder matches.

I read a few threads and saw Blanka as a viable backup character. Does anyone else have a relatively high level suggestion to cover matchups that Balrog might not handle so well?

Alts to pair with Rog

I like to use Bison sometimes, but I don’t know how he really stacks up with Rog’s harder match ups- I just think he’s fun.


High level suggestion:
Learn the matchups.

Also, learn the shimmie.

Or switch full-time to another character.


What’s the shimmie?



cool, thanks!


I use Rose. She’s good against sagat and guile. I also like her in the Chun matchup. Plus she can slide under DJ’s lame-ass knee

She has a playstyle that is the most similar to Balrog as well. Like most balrog players i’ve seen also play Rose.

On a side note, here’s how you play the rose/guile matchup