Good component hookup for the Asus EVO monitor?


Looking for recommendations for a good way to hook up component cables to the ASUS evo monitor. The monitor has HDMI, VGA, DVI inputs. I bought a converter recently but it was a cheap one that didn’t work, and I figure more than a few evo monitor owners have been down this road.


What are you trying to hook up to the monitor using component cables?


Why not just use an HDMI cable?

If you absolutely can’t, try grabbing one of these:

You’ll need a coaxial cable for audio, though.

EDIT: I think this is more of what you’re looking for:


Hooking up the PS2/Xbox probably or any other source that doesn’t have HDMI. Been looking to get a good Component to HDMI converter just because of that reason.


Could possibly use SoG through the VGA port if supported: Does the Asus VH236H support SoG?

It gets confusing but the short of it is you output RGB from your console instead of YPbPr, and assuming its output matches your monitor’s supported scanrate* you’re gold. Will take some extra cabling to handle audio. For menus that aren’t in 480p learn to do them blind or have another solution (I’ve had luck with a component + composite PS2 cable with the composite lead going into a capture card on my PC to see 480i content). For games that don’t support 480p you probably can’t use SoG with them (most monitors don’t support 15khz).
*(will probably have to use 31khz or 480p from the console, which for the Xbox shouldn’t matter since nearly every game supported 480p, but for the PS2 you’ll have to stick to supported games or try your luck with a modded system + GSModeSelector).

I’ve played 480p PS2 games on my Dell P1110 VGA monitor this way. It’s the way to go if supported since it’s using the console’s native output and doesn’t need any converters.

Alternate solution, convert SoG to VGA (lossless analog conversion so no lag and no reduction in quality), so if your monitor doesn’t support SoG just use VGA (your games will still need to support the appropriate scanrate). See the thread I linked above for more info.


Yeah, this is it. It’s been a pain.

Thanks for the help and links guys.


I’m using a RGB/CGA/EGA/YUV to VGA converter in my arcade cabinet and it allows me to plug in component video equipment to my cabs VGA monitor. Only $40 or so. Model GBS-8220. A lil on the DIY side, but it works for me.


GSModeselector SUCKS, I tried every popular fighting game in every possible way and it froze up.


hence I say try your luck

Honestly I don’t see why more people don’t use use SoG (or if needed, with a sync stripper to give them VGA…)