Good D-pad for xbox 360

Hi I have been trying to find a good D-pad for the 360, for many moons now.
I have tried a streetfighter pad off ebay, but I don’t know if I just got a bad one but it was less responsive to the left, I also didn’t really like the design.

I have looked at the razor and the hori ex turbo 2 pad, but again I really want one that does what it says it does.

I have also looked on keio for the saturn adapter but he is sold out and is unlikely to do more. which sounds like what I need. does anyone know where I may find one for sale?

I assume the cheap adapters on ebay are crap and have lag issues?

I used to play first stike one the xbox 1 without issues, and noticed the problem straightaway when it became backward compatible, and everytime I see a real solution
their are always sold out!
any help appreicated

Hori 360 Ex pad’s D-pad is said to be a huge improvement over MS’s pads: Xbox 360 Pad EX 2 with Turbo - Black: Video Games

Well for converters should be your destination.

As for existing Xbox 360 pads with a good D-Pad?
I heard the hori ex turbo 2 pad isn’t bad but I haven’t tried it personally.
I am skeptical about the MS sliver Xbox 360 pad, with the transforming Dpad.
The regular line of Madcatz Xbox 360 pads seem to have a decent d-pad based on the SNES’s d-pad
The Pad/Hub from Madcatz Drum kit seems to be closes you can get to a SNES pad, only issue is it lacks shoulder buttons so that throws Street Fighter 4 out for use with this pad.

I was working on a Saturn to Xbox 360 adapter, but that project is on hold So don’t hold you breath for me to make one yet.

from what I’ve read the hori dips down in the middle so it makes it hard to do a up down, back forward, movement. the streetfighter pad was not great the one I had anyways. and again the new MS D-pad is ment to be a small improvement, but I really need one that is gonna work 100% of the time. what about the razor anyone?

EDIT>>> Ok after briefly looking at your link it appears their are a lot of options for ps2/3 to 360 adapters.
I dont really know anything about the ps2/3 controllers do their work fine with no D-pad issues?
if so can anyone point me at one that has no lag issues and will work fine for, marvel, sfIV, upcoming first stike.
sorry I’m not lazy I just dont really understand a lot ogf the short hand terms, or want to read though 59 pages of old stuff that I cant understand properly. thanks