Good Damaging Supers



Sorry to wake the thread but I found a pretty damn good mai super combo: (this Is probably around somewhere, but I’ll still share). (Note- did this against R2 C-Kyo).

N-groove Mai R2:

J.HK(deep),,, Super deadly ninja bee’s (lvl3)

13 hits 6920 damage :eek:

Thats more damaging that most CCs, and actually not that hard. Not getting hit by AA though coming in might be hard. You can also do this super move combo off a small jump, which is also useful. It takes a little practice to get this off, (small jump or large)… the key is getting off when you are on the end of the qcb motion of the super deadly ninja bee’s.

So, if there are any other mai players left, let me know what you think (and what supers you got).



Tha’s IT? jump in hit, 2 weaks, and a level 3 SUPER?

Why even use 2 lks? IUse a fierce, son! It’s not that hard… Gotta go for that damage, ya feel me?

And why even do a level 3? Save that shit… do a level 2 and then cancel it into her qcb+mp move. Or if you’re in the corner, do her d-u+hk move (gotta charge down first tho). Props if you land that in a match tho son… for reals, if there be peeps watchin… it’ll take their breath away!



I’m using N-groove. No lvl2’s.

I’ll try a c-fierce, see how much damage it’ll add. I tried doing 3 lks, but that actually does less damage, because some of her super hits will miss, (which do more damage than the lks.)

Just doing c.fierce xx lvl3 bee’s is 6500 dam. 12 hits, and an activated jump in hk is 1200 damage. I’ll work on it, I should be able to get in a day or two. I’m having trouble going from to the super from the c.fierce after the jump in… :frowning: Looks like it’ll do around 7500 damage, which is pretty nuts. :cool:


Try something basic … but a little tricky on the timing.

Jumping RH, standing jab, crouching fierce xx flame super.


delux_247: what’s the reason for using qcb+mp instead of qcb+hp for the lvl 2 cancel?

i just started playing C-mai so i’m just curious why qcb+mp should do more damage…


Try this on tall characters:

J.HP, J.HPXXflying squirrel, level 2 super flying squirrelXXflying squirrel, level 1 super flying squirrel

Yay, dumb

p.s. I’m not absolutely positive that it’s jump Fierce, but one of her jumping normals will work.


j.jab cancels into masabi no mai

so let me get this straight…

j.fierce, land, j.jab xx musabi no mai xx lvl 2 air super xx musabi no mai xx lvl 1 air super?

i never knew you could cancel musabi no mai into a super…something i might want to check out…