Good Day Srk

Hey everybody im new to this forum and im actually using my brothers account when he tried to get my arcade stick modded lol so if i break any rules or did anything wrong im sorry. But anyways My names Marsgatti2009(Huge Guile fan as you probably alot of you can tell :wgrin:) and i was told to sign up as it could help me become a better player in Super Turbo and HDremix, and that overall there are really good people on these forums. I probably wont be on here that much but I just wanted to introduce myself and say ggs to all the people who ive played. Anyways its a pleasure meeting all of you godbless.

I don’t see how you could become any better, lol. Good playing you!

GGs Marsgatti always fun to play your Guile.

Finally!!! Welcome to SRK dude!

Welcome to SRK. Obviously you didn’t read the post “New to the forum? START HERE” Can FreshOJ or one of the other mods change that thread to “New to the forum? DON’T CREATE A NEW THREAD TO GET ATTENTION OR JUST TO SAY HI. You’re not the 1st poster on SRK and you won’t be the last. There’s a 99% chance a thread already exists for what you want to post. Find it and post there.”


Cut the dude some slack. OK, he broke the “SRK Rules” big F’ing deal. I’d rather read what he had to say than alot of the other crap that’s posted on a daily basis.

Welcome to SRK Marsgatti2009. I hope you enjoy your stay. Now go read the “New to the Forum” thread before people get their panties in a bunch.

Hey Mars, nice to see you here.

You’re already mentioned a bit on the Guile thread and the ‘Good players I’ve came across’ thread.

Lulz, I love when this stuff happens.

Out of all the mindless bitching and flaming that goes on around here, you’re seriously getting pissy over something like this?

Marsgatti is arguably the most humble player on XBL and one of the best Guile’s around. He doesn’t deserve a dick response like that. He apologized if he was breaking any rules.

Don’t worry about this guy Mars. Just read the stickies a bit. You’re VERY welcome here.

Opps sorry about that Mr. Blitz. I apologize for starting up a thread like this. I will go post in that section.
Again My Apologizes.:angel:

GOOD DAY MR.720 HAWK!! lol

It might have to do with blitz possibly going through temporary hdr withdraw. :wgrin:


Welcome Marsgatti2009, GREAT to see you here on the SRK forums. :slight_smile:

I’ve long enjoyed playing your Guile online, though I think I need a LOT more practice at that matchup.

As for tips:

I think you can actually use Guile’s neutral standing.Forward (the kick that goes straight up) to hit my jumping.Forward cross-up attacks in the corner.

I always think there is lots to learn from high level ST matches:

The character specific threads here have some neat nuggets here and there.
Or, if nothing interesting shows up there, you can always throw something interesting into the thread.

You could probably help answer Python9109’s question here:
(I tried to help answer it, but my ST/HDR Guile knowledge isn’t very good)

Ah ok. So as long as I’m semi-famous, it’s ok to break the rules. Gotcha.

Now I know what to do. I will make it my mission to get a good reputation on XBL as a good player, and possibly win 1 or 2 regional tourneys, or place decently in EVO 2010, so that SRK posters will know my name. Once I’m semi-famous, I will create a new account, post a new thread in this forum explaining that I am the poster previously known as blitzfu and give the reason I had to change my account.

Do you think I’ll get a “pissy” response? I think I will get a VERY warm welcome.

No need to apologize bro. Just trying to let new posters know the rules of this forum. It wasn’t intended to be an attack, and I hope you didn’t take it personally.

Yes, that’s exactly it. I’m so pissed from not having played online for 2 whole months, that I decided to be insensitive to a new poster who has clearly not read the “New to the forum” thread.

Uh no. The same would apply to any new SRK member. It’s OK to point out what he should have done but it’s not OK in my book to be a dick about it. And yes, that’s exactly how you came off as. Let’s stop being presumptuous and actually take things for what they really are.

BlitzFU, it’s got nothing to do with being ‘well known’. It just looks retarded when we jump all over a newbie to the forum for something quite meaningless. Considering the limited SF community, maybe we should be more welcoming.

I think that actually is pretty accurate.

SRK just like XBL or EVO or youtube are extensions of the SF community.

If you are a known player or personality in that broader community (or know any/many of the more prolific members within an individual corner of that community), then you are going to be treated with kid gloves and celebrated.

Hard to say.
If they were cordial, I think they would get maybe a few replies and get pointed toward the new member content.

But I do agree that the tone to new members should be one of flexibility, helpfulness, and goodwill.

Couldn’t have said it any better.

So is Marsgatti2009 Jesus?
Zaspacer says he should be celebrated, and he does say God bless a lot. LOL

Howdy! Happy to see you here.