Good Day Srk

I say “God bless” a lot, too, you know. :slight_smile: (If you accuse me of anything, accuse me of being like Jesus…please. That’s serious business.)

Anyway, IMHO, yeah…I’ve heard that Marsgatti2009 has a good Guile…and that’s cool…but he still should’ve posted in the General thread. We know that.

OTOH, blitzfu, while I definitely understand where you’re coming from, IMHO, that was harsh. I know you’ve already apologized for it, so don’t think that I think any less of you.

With that said, Marsgatti2009, welcome to SRK. Please please please jump into the Guile thread (after you’ve read it…even if the info in there is stuff you already know, I’m sure). I’m sure you’ll have some unique input on Guile’s matchups.

God bless you, as well.

I thought you were here for a long time before me Marasgatti! Especially with your Guile skillz. :lovin:

I guess that explains why I never saw you in the GG’s thread. :looney:

Goodness I was just joking blitz.

I’m glad you signed up dude! Like many other posters have said before me I’ve really enjoyed playing your Guile, and you are probably one of the nicest most humble people I’ve ever met.

Welcome to SRK!

Had you not made this thread, I probably wouldn’t have known what your name is here on SRK!

lol pretty much what EA posted, its great to see you here on SRK, Marsgatti, especially as a very skilled and very humble guile player like yourself. You are probably the coolest player I ever met on XBL. I wish there were more players with that attitude.

Thanks alot guys i really appriciate the complments. It feels really good in my book to be greeted by so many great players. For that I thank all of you guys. :wgrin:

PS: sorry if godbless gets alittle annoying, im very religious if you haven’t known already lol

I’ll stop lurking for a moment here to welcome Marsgatti2009 to the forums. My friend, you are indeed one of the best players I’ve met on XBL and an all-around great Guile. You’ve shown my own Guile quite a few tricks and, for instance, inspired me to actually practice those crossups to capitalize on knockdowns more. I agree with the others who say you are a very nice and humble guy, too. :smile:

Good games marsgatti from earlier. I played you before and I remembered you had a very tough Guile. Anyways, welcome to SRK.

Nothing wrong with saying God bless, its the best thing anybody could say. The only time I would advise against saying it is when you destroy someone with that deadly guile of yours.

Like I was saying to you before man, you should seriously think about entering evo next year, you have easily got the skills to play guile at that level and it would be good to see guile represented at high profile events.

Marasgatti2009 does Flash Kicks in the name of God. :wgrin:

GGs and welcome to SRK! :lovin:

Marsgatti2009, welcome aboard man. Love fighting your Guile, one of the best around as far as I’m concerned

Well I’ll throw in a welcome to the board too, although I may never get to play you.

welcome marsgatti, always a pleasure to play your guile. Perhaps you could put your XBox 360 gamertag in your profile so that everyone knows who you are. (for those who did’n read this thread;))

welcome margatti2009!

im glad you’re getting some shit from the people about forum rules, reading stickies and all the usual forum nonsense. i certainly got/get my fair share. you are well known around here and it would be hypocritical as hell if you were given a free pass. after all…if he was “xSTgreatGuilex” or some other randon name, i doubt anyone would give a shit if people are being mean to you.

anyway, you already know me, and i highly value our matches and your advice/words of wisdom. great to have you around. do yourself a favor and avoid the bad games thread at all costs! oh yea…and pay no mind to the rep bar when it starts turning red on you. i see its already begun.