Good Deal on TE Stick


Hey everyone I would like to present you all with a great deal. To those living in the US I am selling this PS3 TE stick for the mere price of 105$. The stick has only been used twice since the day I got it and all the original packing is packed with it.

I take cash, money orders, and paypal. If you are interested in purchasing this stick, please leave me a PM here so we can discuss the shipment and payment information.




is it 105 shipped?


Don’t bump unless you’re dropping price.


Yes, I’ll cover shipping if you live in the US.


I am very interested but i live in Montreal !


Montreal? Is that Canada?


Yes, it is.
As is Vancouver :wink:
Montreal is in central Canada.
Where are you shipping from?


105 shipped? these usually go for 80 and under now and days,
since they came out with them Type S sticks.
good luck with your sale though. =)